1. Those look great, especially the neon ones, I am not so sure about the glitter ones, not as pretty after melted, but fairly interesting.

  2. Great detailed review. I like playing with the original mod melts and these will just up my playtime! I wonder if a heat gun would make the lines in the metallic less noticeable? After they show up at Michael’s I’ll have to give it a try. Thank you, Abby, for a very thorough review! Well done!

  3. This is awesome!! I have been wanting to try this ‘product’ since the milk glass version came out now, there is much more to look for. You mentioned about cutting the excess off … how hard was it to do that? Did you use just regular scissors? Also you mentioned the sticks worked better being warm but what temp is your glue/craft gun? (I have a couple but one is adjustable to 2 temps) and I don’t want to burn the melts with too hot a temp. I’d be really interested to try cutting the sticks into 1″ pieces and stacking them into the gun to on purpose get the ‘marbled’ look.

  4. Great questions. You can cut the finished objects with regular scissors. I used a high temp mini heat gun, which is what the packaging says is required. I had to let the metallics and glitters heat up longer before using them, than the neon ones. This is because of the formula differences. The metallics and glitters are thicker formulas than the neon sticks, and required a longer heating time. It would be interesting cutting the sticks into short lengths and stacking them in the gun for a marbled look. That would probably work better on the neon and color sticks than the metallics and glitters.

  5. A heat gun might make the metallic lines less noticeable, but it will also likely warp the finished object. Something to test out yourself.

  6. It’s hard to photograph glittery things. These have a deep sparkle to them, since it’s filled with glitter. You can make the objects shinier with a layer of Mod Podge Gloss or Super Gloss.