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Happy Monday! Instead of our regular review today (which is being held up due to unforeseen events- hey, in CraftLandia it happens), I thought I’d share some YouTube videos I’ve made with you.

You know I have a YouTube channel, right? And I post videos there weekly. Most end up in a product review post….but others, not so much. They are just fun haul videos, extra techniques I’m sharing, things like that. So if you’d like to see all of my videos as soon as they are posted, I’d suggest subscribing to that channel so you don’t miss a thing!

So here are three videos I’ve made that you might not have seen. Just click the blue links to see the videos. I tried embedding them today, but that wasn’t working right AT ALL. It’s a Monday in YouTubeLand, too, it seems. 

 First up: new EK Success Brand Tools!

I was sent a lovely “sneak peek” of the new line right before they were set to head to Walmart. But let me tell you- I saw some of these same products at my local Target last week! Yay! And they tools are exceptionally well-made, too.

Next: Craft Magazines from the UK!

I love craft magazines. Shamelessly. But these ones from the UK ROCK my WORLD! Goodies right in the package- it’s like getting to take a class with supplies included for the price of a magazine! I wish the US publishers would follow this model- I think it could revive not only the publishing part of the craft industry, but also get new crafters involved.

Lastly: Shiva Oil Paintstiks

I never did a full review of these oil-paints-in-a-bar, but these are great supplies to have on hand. Perfect for stenciling or stampings (via doing rubbings) on fabric, they keep the “hand” or texture of the fabric soft and pliable!

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed the catch-up and will subscribe to the CTD YouTube Channel and stay up-to-the-minute.

OH- and one more thing! Do you have a review or demo you’d like us to do? Please leave me a comment and I’ll put it on my list of products to work on!

Have a great week!


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