You Know You’re a Craft Nerd When…


Ok, this started out as a little Twitter thingy…. I started the phrase, “You know your’e a craft nerd WHEN:” and folks started filling in the phrase.

First of all I KNOW I’m a craft nerd and embrace it. I just didn’t know there were so many of you out there, too!

So here’s the deal: here are some of my Twitter responses… and leave your comment, too. I’ll read ’em all and do a little giveaway on Friday, February 12 at 4:00PM EST.

You can win either a copy of the book “Blogging For Bliss” by Tara Frey OR some Pardo polymer clay  … you choose!

SO… You know you’re a #CraftNerd when:

  • When you save caps and lids to everything because it might be a useful tool, for what is unknown lol
  • when you can’t throw out cans and jars without finding another artful purpose for them!
  • when you must cut up every ounce of left over paper: shaped punches, squares, and triangles.
  • Your husband asks if you have any glue & you offer him 14 different types.
  • you are a craft nerd when you would rather have a set of stamps instead of chocolate and flowers for Valentines!

Add your answer and enter to win!

Hey, Y’all…contest is over, but you can still feel free to leave a comment- the more, the merrier!

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  1. says

    …when your daughter tells her teacher she can create any craft needed for class then comes home and asks for “blah, blah, blah” and I have everything she needs–without ever going to the store.

    ….when product packaging cannot be thrown out without first wondering “what else” it can be used for.

  2. says

    You know you are a craft nerd when you look forward to when your child starts school so you’ll get to make dioramas and other projects…I can’t wait for the California mission project!!!!!!!

  3. limor says

    You know your’e a craft nerd WHEN… you find yourself cutting pita bread with scissors…

  4. says

    When you haven’t left your house in days because you got new art supplies.

    When you don’t know celebrity names like Lady Gaga but you have crafty crushes on Tim Holtz and Carol Duvall.

  5. Margaret Brock says

    When you BUY products that have interesting caps, lids, containers so you can save them for some future as yet unknown project.

  6. says

    when your family cannot expect to leave the house without checking their clothes for: threads, bits of paper, felt, roving, metal shards, nearly anything stuck to their shoes.

  7. says

    You know you’re a craftnerd when you plan your vacation around all of the craft/quilt stores you can hit on the way to the final destination…..A weekend retreat for crafters. The divorce should be final in about a month….

  8. says

    LMAO, just today, as we were leaving the grocery store, I saw a large washer on the ground and wanted to pick it up because it might be useful. I even laughingly asked my husband why I was such a magpie. I have so much craft stuff, but if something new comes out, I nearly go out of my mind with wanting it, LOL. Nearly anything I see, even patterns on peoples’ clothes I wonder if I can use it for. . .

  9. Victoria Sturdevant says

    You get stung by a bee while scrounging for rusty stuff and keep on scrounging!!

  10. Nancy says

    When you dumpster dive at the end of the school year and rescue thrown out art supplies :)

    Or when your coworkers think of you when they are about to throw something away.

  11. says

    … when you have to search through EVERYTHING in your clothes closet for something that’s not covered in dried glue, glitter, paint or inks just so you can go the grocery store without embarrasing your husband. :-)

  12. says

    when your friends and family stop throwing things away and give it to you instead! Magazines, clothes, stuff =”material” for art and carft nerds! :-)

  13. says

    You know your a craft nerd when…
    …you save old clothes with stains if they are made of cute fabric because you might need it for a project someday.
    …you get excited for a wedding/baby shower because when your gift is opened everyone will ooo and ahh over your latest creation.
    …you use EVERY 40% off coupon from Jo-ann & Michaels because there is always something you “need.”
    …you have a box in your sewing room that is labeled “useless things I might need for something”
    …you have a sewing room because you make your 3 kiddos share a room!

  14. Laura says

    …when you get invited to go out on a Saturday night during college but you opt to stay in to finish the latest scarf and hat set you’re knitting. (Goodness I’m a nerd!)

    …when you choose to watch tutorials of new craft ideas instead of popular TV and awards shows.

    …when your significant other knows that if you’re in your craft room, they are cooking dinner, without having to ask.

  15. says

    When you score a bag of buttons, thread or other seemingly useless stuff from the thrift store and can’t wait to get home to clean them up and put them to use.

  16. says

    . . .your husband give you a kiln for Christmas instead of jewelry (and you’re more excited about the kiln than you would have been over the jewelry anyway) 😀

  17. Glenda says

    …When you actually go out and buy something because you have no idea which pile it’s in. I do this frequently. I don’t think there is a place in this whole wide world for all my craft things.
    Another good one…
    You know you’re a craft nerd when you have at least three of everything but you feel like you have nothing.
    (I am having to hide my new supplies b/c he thinks I got rid of them or he doesn’t know I bought them. LOL What he don’t know won’t hurt him!)

  18. Carly says

    …when you wait all week for Friday night so you can spend it crafting (in my case, sewing tonight!!!!)
    …when you ask for (and get) a sewing machine for Christmas and are super excited :)

  19. Lisa Keck says

    you don’t throw out those old floppy disks you just copied to CD’s because you want to make something out of the metal parts. Metal top pieces will go into my braille jewelry and plastic ones are looking like a mini-mini scrapbook. Center metal round pieces look like a necklace waiting for beads.

  20. says

    you wash and save all the little net bags that come around your potatoes, meat products, lemons and garlic — garlic! — because they make good liners for crocheted stuffed animals.

  21. Dumpster Diva says

    At JoAnn’s Just dumpster dive every so often. At the end of a holiday season, any holiday, anything they havent’ sold after a month gets thrown out! Really! For example, they trhew out a cart basket full of valentine’s stuff!!

  22. Danielle says

    …when you have paint and glue on your pjs
    …when you will spend an extra 4 hours late late at night making an unnecessary display for a school project because you are ‘feeling crafty’

  23. Sandy says

    I hope it’s not too late to add my favorites…

    …a twist on a few others – when your husband (family) will not throw away anything without your permission

    …when you have a craft room and a separate studio, yet you still have “things” in the kitchen, livingroom, garage (wood shop), and (you completely take over) the new back room.

    …my favorite – when you’re looking for a house and your husband finally says, “Go find your craftroom, and please make sure it has a kitchen”. LOL! Because of our job, we could not go together and I found a great place, but we have to gut and rebuild the kitchen.


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