What Crafters REALLY Want For Valentine’s Day



Crafter’s are really easy folk to buy for. To tell the truth, we don’t want candy. Or even a dinner and a movie.

This, however will do nicely.

Crafting  Candy

Or this:

Beading Candy

Or this:

Sewing Candy

Ok, significant others. You’ve been notified. Crafters you’re welcome.

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Chief Craft Test Dummy, Craft Evangelist, Founder, Editor, bottle-washer, trouble-maker, and creative whirlwind.


  1. bee says

    I felt so supported once when a friend said, “But you’re an artist – you’re SUPPOSED to have a lot of stuff!”

    Thanks, this was fun!

  2. says

    Bee- whoever said that has got the right idea about artists and hooray for that! Jenny- this is marvelous! Too bad it can’t happen once a month. We’d be set for awhile, well, maybe a couple of days! Love your pictures!

  3. LinhC says

    I would love to get the first box!!! Need to forward this post to my family as a hint. :)


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