Westcott Scissors ExtremEdge Titanium Adjustable Scissors Review


When I was first given these Westcott ExtremEdge Adjustable Tension Titanium Bonded scissors, I thought they looked like they would work well as a pair of general crafting scissors.

westcott scissors for review


Here is what the Westcott website says about these scissors:

Our best performance scissors! ExtremEdge Titanium® Bent Scissors. Titanium Bonded® Blades are used for improved durability, increased corrosion resistance and a sharper, longer-lasting cutting edge.
* Lightweight yet durable
* Cuts multiple layers of fabric or a few layers of paper
* Ergonomic nylon handles
* Includes a key to adjust the tension of the blade
* Limited Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

I had a weekend filled with cutting projects, so I decided to take these scissors for a serious test drive.

Westcott Scissors cutting HST
I started by clipping the corners off of my half square triangles. I had 400 blocks, which meant 800 little corners to be clipped. I have wrist problems, so about 100 blocks in I was starting to get hand fatigue. I grabbed the tension key and loosened the scissors about 1/4 twist. It didn’t take much to loosen the blades significantly, making the scissors much easier for me to use.

westcott scissors cut small papers

Though they are not designed for detail work, I decided to try anyway. The scissors did a great job cutting into small spaces.

westcott scissors cut felt

Nothing dulls a blade as fast as paper, so I always hate cutting fabric with paper stuck to it. I used the scissors here, and they cut the felt and paper beautifully.

westcott scissors cut fabric

Finally, I cut fabric. The fabric cut smoothly, giving that satisfying “snip” noise that I love.

These scissors were a great companion to have all weekend long. I did notice that they were a little on the heavy side, compared to the scissors I’m used to using. However, the grip was comfortable, and being able to use them all weekend was fantastic.

I really enjoyed testing these scissors out, and they’ll be a great addition to my traveling craft bin, so I can always have a great pair of scissors close at hand.

westcott scissors in my craft boxWhat do you think? Would they be helpful in *your* craft room?

Disclosure: sample provided for review purposes



  1. says

    It looks like these scissors would be perfect for sewing and paper crafting. I find it interesting that they are adjustable…that’s cool!

  2. Michelle jadaa says

    A good air of scissors are like gold in this house!These look great.

  3. says

    Carolina, I’m so glad to find a review of scissors. AND I’m so glad they worked well for you all weekend, especially since you get hand fatique. I think these would be a good addition to my scrap tool stash! I have Fibro, so the hand situation applies to not only myself, but so many of us with Fibro or other Arthritic type conditions. It’s good to hear that you put it through the tests of paper, paper-backed fabric/material AND it still cut your fabric smoothly and easily. Again, great review. Thank you for all the time you ladies put it for us!

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