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By now, you know that I have an obsession with Washi Tapes and Paper Tapes. I’ve accumulated quite a few rolls….and now the question is “How do I store all this decorative tape!?”

I’ve installed a paper towel dispenser right above my desk that is serving nicely.

But of course, it will only hold so many rolls at a time. And I have OH SO MANY rolls!!!

Well, a few months ago, I saw this post on Paperama on making dispensers for making a dispenser out of wood. Now, I’m all about DIY, but I don’t have wood working tools at my disposal. So my lovely friend Beth Martin (Owner of BeachGlassShop and maker of beach glass jewelry) volunteered her husband to make some for me. (You gotta love a pal who will volunteer their spouse without a moment’s hesitation!!!)

So dear sweet Earl made me these:

Aren’t they great? And each one holds 8-10 rolls, so that will store about a third of my accumulated collection. I think they need to be dressed up a bit with paint and…..{something} though, before I mount them to the walls. What would you do?

Lastly, I came across this DIY dispenser article from To Boldy Fold, who seems to share my washi tape obsession. This one is made from a recycled cling-wrap box!

I think I’ll be having to make some of these to hold the rest!

Now, if you don’t mind paying for a super cute dispenser…and you only want to hold one roll at a time… then these ones from CuteTape.com might be up your alley!

How do you store YOUR washi/paper tapes? Leave an idea or a link to your ideas!

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    This is great.

    I’m fairly new to crafting, but loving washi tapes and the paper towel holder idea is PERFECT for me right now.

    Apologies if I keep commenting on old articles for a while :)


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