Vintage Halloween Charm Banner & Giveaway WINNERS


What do you get when you add vintage post card images from Dover, Mod Podge in 4 formulations, and some Plaid Extreme Glitter paint? A cool door decoration, of course!

I started by printing out some copyright-free images from the Dover Halloween Collection that I reviewed a few weeks back. Then I gave them a quick coat of Matte Mod Podge to seal them. (Handy tip- only swipe over the image once. The colors will bleed if you brush back and forth.)

After they were dry, I used Mod Podge Shimmer and Extreme Glitter paints as accents. I especially liked using the MP Shimmer on the pumpkins, and the MP Glitter on the candles and text. I used MP Dimensional Magic on a number of places to add more of a raised, glossy effect. Here’s a close up of the middle panel so you can see:

Then I just mounted the images on cardstock and attached it to a ribbon that hangs on the door in my kitchen.

Sweet charming and easy!

So now for the fun- the winners of last week’s Mod Podge Week Giveaways! I used to select the numbers…but then had to count out the winners myself. Which was tough with all the responses! My eyes may have crossed a little…but anyway, congrats to:

  • MP Classic: (#23 out of 53) MINA!
  • MP Shimmer: (#65 out of 67) LINH C!
  • MP Glitter: (#57 out of 67) ELAINE C!
  • MP Outdoor: (#39 out of 60) SHONI!
  • MP Dimensional Magic: (#13 out of 56) AMANDA!

Thanks, everyone for a GREAT Mod Podge Week! It was so much fun, I just may have to do another version in the future….and a special thanks to Amy of Mod Podge Rocks for supplying the goodies!

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  1. says

    I can’t believe I won! How exciting!!

    I can’t wait to put my Podge to work! :)

    Thank you again for the opportunity!


  2. Amanda says

    YAY! I’m super excited to have won the DM! I can’t wait to get crafting!
    Thanks so much!


  3. SusanB says

    I want to copy this! I love this decoration. I am short on time – do you make them for sale?


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