Video Review – Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks Review and Refresher


Hey there crafters!  Today I wanted to re-energize your creative brains with Alcohol Inks by Tim Holtz and Ranger Ink.  Alcohol Inks are one of my all-time favorite products by Ranger and seeing as how we haven’t reviewed them here at Craft Test Dummies, I wanted to give a quick run down of what they are and just how amazingly versatile they are!


Alcohol Inks are available in, “big box,” stores like JoAnns, Hobby Lobby and Michaels and come in packs of three half ounce bottles in coordinating lights, brights or earthtones and are approximately $10.  Mixatives come in packs of two and are a little more expensive.  Alcohol inks are also available online in their individual bottles and I’ve seen some local rubber stamping and scrapbooking stores sell them this way, as well.  Alcohol inks last FOREVER and very little goes a very long way. (Even that Red Pepper one I showed in the video that I spilled has more than half the bottle left.)  Because they’re so versatile and last so long, I don’t mind dropping a little over $3 a bottle.  I actually think it’s a pretty screaming deal with all of the vast applications they are capable of!


Have you played with Alcohol Inks?  What have you created?  Share this and any questions or comments below!





Yummy grungy idea-ology gears after using in the video technique



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