Video Review: (Guitar) Pick Punch


Today’s review is a fun one for me- I’m reviewing the Pick Punch that my dear, sweet son bought me for Christmas last year. I geeked out when I saw it in a catalog because it’s a great way to reuse old bank cards, gift cards etc. And you all know that I love “green” crafts!

For those of you who don’t know me in “real life,” I’ve played guitar since I was 14, and spent 15 years as a professional clinical Music Therapist. I’ve used-and lost- a LOT of picks over the years. Where was this way-back-when??

I decided that the best way to review the Pick Punch was just to show you…. so here’s my review.

If you want to purchase the Pick Punch, there are multiple styles- I have and reviewed the “351” style. It retails for $24.95 plus shipping and handling.  There is also a “jazz style” available- it’s a little pointier. If you are serious about making guitar picks specifically, there are also sanding blocks and sheets of polycarbonate and acetate that will yield results that are like what you can buy at the store.

As for me, I’m going to keep experimenting with the Pick Punch just because I love the shape Stay tuned for some tutorials…

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  1. bee says

    Well, I’m not a guitar player, so I don’t have much use for picks – although they are a nice shape!!!

    But it never occurred to me to use clamshells as stencils. I just threw some away, and now I need them!

    I’m off to dig through my trash! Thanks!

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