Vicki Howell Spins Newspaper into Yarn


I love me some cool recycling crafts. And as an avid newspaper reader, I really have a LOT of paper to recycle at the end of the week! This week though, I’m going to pull some out and try this idea from Vicki Howell on making yarn.

Don’t have a drop spindle? Don’t worry. Folks at Spindle and Wheel have a tutorial on how to make one from recycled CDs! Yes, folks, this post is a two-fer!

I think this is SUPER cool- I hope you’ll try it!

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    I’d never considered doing something like that before, but that was kind of neat. (I’ve never tried to use a drop spindle at all.) She did a great job demonstrating how to do it. I could probably follow those directions. I wonder if you could do that with plastic bag strips. I saw someone crocheting with strips once, but she didn’t make them into yarn first, just used the plastic strips as they were.

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