Valentine’s Day Rosette Party Picks & Straw Toppers!


We love Valentine’s Day here at Craft Test Dummies World Headquarters. We make our own Valentine’s Day Cards, jewelry, and of course we have a special yumm-o treats complete with Valentine’s Rosette decorations! This is a great way to dress up class party snacks!

Valentine's Day Straw Toppers or party picks


I just make a simple rosette and affix it to a straw or skewer, depending on the treat.

You’ll need: (Some links below are affiliate links:) 


To make the rosette, I used my Tim Holtz die-  but it’s as easy as cutting a strip of paper 1.5″ by 12″. Cut one side with straight scissors, and the other with the scallop scissors (length-wise.) Then accordion-pleat it every 1/4″ inch. Join the ends to make a circle using dry adhesive. Trust me, dry is the BEST way to go!  Then smash it down so that it’s flat. Then adhere a 1.5″ circle of paper OR a sticker to keep it laying flat.

I wrapped a bamboo skewer with some washi tape, then placed into the middle as shown above. Then I used some cute felt stickers to finish it off.

If you have little kids and don’t want them to have the pointy decoration, you can make a rosette on a straw, too- great for fun drinks! Follow the same instructions as above, but place a straw all the way in the pleats below the bend. Here’s a picture of both kinds.

 Wouldn’t that be cute for a birthday, too?

Valentine's Day rosette Party Picks or straw toppers

Valentine’s Day rosette Party Picks or straw toppers


Happy Valentine’s Day, all!




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