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When I was recently sent the Tulip Fabric Spray Paint to review, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. It sat on the corner of my work space for well over a month, staring me down, taunting me with it’s metallic-y goodness. I finally braved up enough to get to testing it out and I was surprised at some of the results. Curious at how it all turned out?

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 1

Let’s kick this review off first with reading what the Tulip site has to say about its product:

Introducing a product that can’t be used wrong – Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™! Whether it’s spritzed, splattered or sprayed, this permanent fabric paint dries to a gloriously vibrant color, is soft and flexible and doesn’t disappear after repeated washings.

Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™ is nontoxic and eco-friendly – no aerosol propellants are emitted into the air. The spray nozzle has been designed to give the consumer complete control and the bottle contains only product (no air) so that accidental sputtering is eliminated. The Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™ comes in 3 and 4-pack combinations. Top selling color combined in one pack. Perfect for outfits, multiple projects and group activities.

I kicked off my crafting with the medium that this product will predominantly be used for: decorating your standard t-shirts or similar fabric items.

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 9

I began with a plain white tank that I had pre-washed and dried as the instructions on the had stated to do. With a few quick spritzes, the paint was spraying easily onto the tank without any issue.

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 10

I set a square of felt material on top of the tank to see how the paint would handle a stencil and it worked like a champ. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spray the paint right next to the side of the stencil, but coming from over head, it worked great.

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 11

The cotton of the tank was the thick enough to hold the paint without and of the excess soaking through and after allowing it to dry the stated 72 hours, I washed and dried it inside out. The tank still looked as splattery as it did when I put it in the washer.

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 13

Here’s the thing, though: not every single use of these fabric spray paints will be for the usual cotton clothing. I wanted to also test some other commonly used fabrics in sewing to see how they held up to the paints.

From left to right, I worked with felt, satin (purposely in black so I could see how the paints fared on darker colors), quilting cotton (thinner than the typical cotton), and flannel.

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 2

I sprayed each sample up close and further away. For some of the fabrics, there was a distinct difference in the splatter pattern (the quilting cotton and the flannel), but it didn’t make a difference for all of them.

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 3

Only the satin fabric allowed the paint to soak through leaving a residue on my work space. The other three fabrics kept the paint.

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 4

Here’s a closer look at how well the fabric samples preformed. The paint stayed on top of the felt and really didn’t spread or splatter very well. The satin showed the best splatter pattern of all of the sample fabrics. Additionally, I was shocked at how well the paints did on the black fabric! I was sure they’d blend in!

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 5

The quilting cotton was much thinner than the cotton from the tank and it showed when it came to the splatter pattern. The flannel cotton did great from the further distance. The paint splattered nicely.

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 6

Sometimes when it comes to creating and sewing projects or working with fabrics, both sides of a fabric may be visible. Here are the back views of the fabric samples:

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 7

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 8

Obviously the thicker the fabric, the less of the paint that showed through. You’d definitely need a lining of some sort for the thinner fabrics.

Overall, these fabric spray paints from Tulip kinda rock my socks. For being so scared of them to begin with, I was pleasantly surprised at their ease of use and the awesome coverage on darker fabrics. This is for sure a product that I’ll be using again in the near future.


  1. Carolyn says

    Thanks for the review. I was going to buy these but they look like they splattered and didn’t go on evenly. What do you say?

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