New Yahoo Group – The Ohio Clayers

I’ve posted recently about yahoo groups that are good for Craftistas, and I belong to two active polymer clay groups. However, I’ve been dismayed that there are no local guilds or groups for polymer clayers.  And since I teach mostly polymer clay in the Northeast Ohio area, well it was time to start my own group! I started Ohio Clayers (yes, that is a play on the rock band!) and it’s open to all. I hope that it will be […]

Yahoo Groups are Great for Crafters

Those of you have read this blog or my other, CraftTherapy, know that I belong to a number of Yahoo Groups. If you haven’t ever checked them out, you may want to consider seeking out some crafty sites that meet your interests. So here’s Yahoo Groups 101: visit their home page, and then type in your favorite craft into the search bar. Up will pop a list of existing groups that serve you interest. For example, I’m a polymer clay […]