How To Make A DIY Quilling Tool & Quilled Hearts Tutorial

DIY Quilling Tool

If you’ve been here before, you may know that I have a soft spot for quilling. I love that you can take simple strips of paper and some white glue and twirl them into spirals that you can form into shapes that can be almost anything! (OK, I’m a little breathless here!)  But what if you don’t have a quilling tool? Well, I gotcha covered. You need: plastic coffee stirrer (the ones like a mini straw) OR Ear Swab with […]

How To: Craft Candy Kiss Roses

how to make candy kiss roses from Hershey Kisses, tissue paper, and floral tape. Great for sweetest day, Valentine's Day, or a birthday!

UPDATE: I was on a local TV show recently- Golden Opportunities– and I had a chance to demo these on air. Now, the host needs some remedial crafting lessons, but if you follow these steps you’ll have great roses!  I know this is an oldie but a goodie, but I had to whip up some of these cute candy-filled roses for my kids teachers this year. They are inexpensive and fairly easy to make, and if you’ve got a kiddo […]

Hearts in Bloom Wall Decor

2010 006

This projects was something of a lark- Stacy made her fabulous Tower Of Hearts centerpiece, and she had all of these lids left over. I couldn’t let them go to waste, now, could I?? So I used up all of HER leftovers and made some cute wall hangings for next to nothing! Supply List: Lids from Nesting Hearts paper mache box set (but you could use left over heart-shaped candy box lids, too.) Red acrylic paint Loose silk rose petals […]

Etched Vase Tablescape

Here’s a post I recently shared on CraftsUnleashed that I made as part of their design team. Like most, I look forward to Valentine’s day to do a little something special- and the CraftsUnleashed “Love” challenge gave me a perfect excuse to create a tablescape that creates a warm, romantic look! To create this tablescape, we’ll be etching some vases to spell “LOVE”- you’ll be surprised how easy it is! Let’s get started! You’ll need: TWO Unity Vase sets Armour […]

Valentine’s Day Craft Round Up 2010

Easy-sew Valentines Chair Covers

I have been a crazy person crafting for V-day…but not just on my own blog! So I thought I’d round up some of my crafty goodies to share with you here. Most of them are really easy, and use things you might have on hand, so you’ve got a good chance of actually getting these done by Valentine’s day! Fun Felt Chair covers: some felt yardage, two seams, and you’re DONE. You can glue on the hearts or use felt […]