Packing for a Polymer Clay Retreat!

Front flap zips down and clear pockets snap off.

Last fall my crafty BFF Vicki O’Dell, the Creative Goddess (you should check out her site and I took a little in-state road trip to the International Polymer Clay Associations’ polymer clay retreat! It was a weekend in Dublin, Ohio, at a hotel…but while the venue was small, it packed it a lot of fun and information! But…this post is about PACKING for the retreat. You see, it was the first one I’d even been to, and I just […]

Ron Lehocky and the Heart Pin Project

The Heart Pin Project of Dr. Ronald Lehocky

When is a craft project a work of art? When is a work of art an act of love? When is an act of love an accomplishment of a lifetime? These are just a few of the questions I ask myself as I contemplate Dr. Ronald Lehocky. You’ve got to get to know this amazing man and his mission. Here’s what’s on his card: Dr. Ronald Lehocky is a volunteer on the Cerebral Palsy KIDS Center Board of Trustees. In […]

Review of Cynthia Tinapple Polymer Clay Extruder Discs from Cindy Lietz

Cynthia Tinapple Extruder Discs for Polymer Clay

Awhile ago I shared an excellent video comparison of the Makin’s and Walnut Hollow extruders for polymer clay, done by Cindy Lietz of Polymer Clay Tutor. She did an excellent job of comparing the two brands (I’d never used Walnut Hollow) and it rekindled my interest in polymer clay. (I love polymer clay and used to teach local classes.) But THEN, Cindy did a review of some of the polymer clay extruder discs (also called dies)  you can put IN an […]

Father’s Day Polymer Clay Keyfobs


Here’s a great, quick Father’s Day gift you can whip up in no time. I originally published this tutorial on CraftsUnleashed, but I thought it should be shared here, too. These would also be cool zipper pulls for luggage or backpacks, too! Sometimes it’s a little, functional gift that shows Dad how much you care- and you can make these in an hour or so with just a few colors of polymer clay! Polymer clay is a wonderful medium for […]

Craft Product Review: Lisa Pavelka Signature Art Clay by Viva Decor

plaqueMP 006

One of my crafty loves is polymer clay, and I’ve reviewed  Studio by Sculpey (may it rest in peace) and Pardo Jewellery Clay by Viva Decor. Newest version on the block? Pardo Art Clay by Viva Decor. Lisa Pavelka has been working with Viva Decor for a while now, and she likes this formulation so much that she has lent her name to it and made it part of her “Signature Series.” So let’s get to it! If you are […]

Polymer Clay 101

Last Saturday we had a GREAT Polymer Clay 101 class at Grand River Beads (check out their website for their calendar.) We had 6 enthusiastic participants, and we covered the following: brands of clays and their properties prepping clay texturizing release agents application of pigments tools curing ….and some of my own little tips! We jammed a lot into the 3 hours, and I wanted to share what I made as samples… I made the hearts to demonstrate texturizing clay…. […]

Polymer Clay + Bottle Caps = Cool!

I was making my blog rounds this morning, and ran across this idea from Crafty Goat. And since I love polymer clay AND bottle cap art, this worked for me! (Alternatively, I could use my polyclay and then have a brew. That also works for me!) Anyhoo, she suggests making your own molds from cool buttons with Amazing Molding Putty. All well and good, but I often just use scrap clay for making molds. (Just be double-sure to use a […]

Painted Pendants of Polymer Clay

I’ve been working on some enamel-like effects on polymer clay pendants, and I made these a few weeks ago. I love Lumiere paints- they are acrylics with mica powders in them, which make them metallic and shimmery. However, I had problems with them bubbling when I went to heat-set the glaze on top. Maybe I need to sand down the polymer bases so that the paints adhere better. I almost think that this technique won’t work for a class setting, […]

Polymer Clay Covered Tins at Stamplistic

I taught a class at Stamplistic today – of ONE! I had only expected two, but then….well, life happens. So it was just Sue and I and a bunch o’ clay.  We made happy pieces (sorry, I forgot my camera!) but I did take a snap of the class sample I made last week.  It’s going to be for little surprises for my son, when he has a good behavior day at school. The other one borrowed from MaryAnn’s design […]

Polymer Clay Toxic?

Ever since I was introduced to polymer clay, it’s been labeled as “non-toxic” and that’s been a major selling point for me. You can cure it in your home oven with no ill effects, your kids can use it, it’s appropriate for institutional use, it’s safe. But is it? Recently on one of my PC groups, one of the members – Jai – noticed that she was experiencing symptoms that included dizziness, skin irritation, and feelings of confusion or lethargy. […]

Art Doll Pin Class at Grand River Beads

Well, I was the April Fool yesterday – I had a class scheduled at Grand River Beads and didn’t even remember it! Fortunately, Eva is the best and pulled me back to earth. I was honored to have 2 class participants yesterday: Dawn, a dear friend and former colleague, and Kathy, a new kindred spirit. We had a blast making our Lady Madonnas. Each one turned out so differently! Here’s a quick peek of our results. Thanks so much to […]

Polymer Clay ATC’s – Eggs

Jenny's Faberage Eggs

I’m in a swap at my CPS group, and our theme was Faberge Eggs. I played around with several ideas, but since I’m on a polymer clay kick, well, I thought I could make it work. I also used some lovely German Scrap from ArtChix and some rhinestones to finish them off. Whaddaya think? To create them,  I marbled a sheet of clay,  cut it onto the egg-shape and  then added the coils with liquid clay. After curing, I applied […]

Snow Day = Clay Day

Extruded Clay Pieces

We had a blizzard here the past coupla days, so we hunkered down and stayed cozy and safe. I decided to play a bit more with my new extruder, and my brain is buzzing with possibilities. Unfortunately, I was so over-stimulated that I forgot to mind the clay oven, and I scorched a number of pieces. However, with some of them I don’t mind, and I’m going to “make it work” as Tim Gunn would say! Actually, the top left […]

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts – Sort Of

I’m gearing up for my favorite green holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. Since my birthday is only 3 days later, it’s been something of an extended holiday for me. (BTW, Earth Day comes in second as my favorite green holiday. Sorry.) Anyhoo, I always celebrate with cards for the family, dressing up the kids, sometimes even hitting the parade if the weather isn’t too crappy. I decided to try that new metal-leafing technique and make a batch o’ goodies. I ended […]

First Wire Wrapping Class

I had my first wire wrapping class today with Melissa M. at Grand River Beads. As you may know, I’ve gone off of the deep end with polymer clay cabochons using metal leaf and inks. So I figure I have to learn what to do with them! I’m so glad I took the class. I’d seen some tutorials online, but there’s no way I’d have gotten the bale to turn out if I hadn’t seen someone else do it first. […]

Crafty-Goat’s Weigh in on Studio by Sculpey Clay

I was visiting some of my favorite blogs, and I was reading Crafty Goat’s Notes and her “revised” take on the Studio by Sculpey Clays. She’s finding that right out of the package, it’s too soft….and some of her older clay (the first batch sent out by polyform to be tested by PC artists) is now getting crumbly. (Really. Read her whole article.) Aaak! I’m disappointed to hear this…. I had such high hopes for this clay! I still like […]