Washi Tape Dispenser Ideas

washi tape

By now, you know that I have an obsession with Washi Tapes and Paper Tapes. I’ve accumulated quite a few rolls….and now the question is “How do I store all this decorative tape!?” I’ve installed a paper towel dispenser right above my desk that is serving nicely. But of course, it will only hold so many rolls at a time. And I have OH SO MANY rolls!!! Well, a few months ago, I saw this post on Paperama on making […]

Holiday Gift Tags featuring Aleene’s Tacky Line Roll Tape

Washi Tape & Tacky Roll Tags

Last week I shared my overview of the new dry adhesives from Aleene’s (ILoveToCreate) and one of my faves was Tacky Line Roll– fun on a roll, my friends! I was smitten with using it for glitter and foils..and you know how I am with Homemade Washi tape…so I designed these holiday tags using both of my favorite things! To make them, you’ll need: Tacky Line Roll by Aleene’s Manilla folders OR cardstock Tag die and machine OR template OR […]

What is Washi Tape? An Overview of Paper and Tissue Tape.

Washi / Tissue/ Paper Tapes

In the past 12 months or so, “washi tape” has taken over the scrapbooking and stationery world. For those who haven’t heard of it, I thought I’d give you an overview of just what it is and perhaps why you might want to try it. For starters, “Washi Tape” comes from Japan, is a paper tape that comes in pretty colors and patterns. It comes on a roll like regular sticky tape, and is often translucent. You can find it […]