Comparison of Adhesives for Foil, Flocking, and Glitter on Fabric


One of the things I love about fabric is the ability to manipulate the look by dyeing, discharging, and painting. You can take your fabric crafts to “the next level” by adding foils, flocking and glitter- but for that, you need adhesives specially made for their ability to remain sticky when dry. So today I’m going to compare three types of “sticky” glues- ones that remain tacky when dried- to see which works best on fabric crafts. And to see […]

Upcycling Project Featuring Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid Crafts


Wow! What a week! This weekend I got my Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid (available exclusively at Michael’s, by the way) and I got to business testing them out. By now, I hope you’ve read my overview of the Martha Stewart Paints as well as the review of tools and accessories that I received. Now it’s time for the fun part- making something! I can’t tell you how I agonized over which to make- some fun witch shoes for Halloween […]

Craft Product Review: Martha Stewart Paints Tools and Accessories by Plaid


Yesterday I gave you my overview of the new Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid– today, I’m going to give you the overview of some of the tools and accessories that are part of the line. While you may not NEED these accessories, they are so well-made and brilliantly-designed that you find that these tools will save you time and expand your creativity. Brushes: The Martha Stewart Paints brushes all feature ergonomically designed, soft grip handles and white nylon bristles. I […]

Craft Product Review: Overview of Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid

The base is lightly tinted and transparent- perfect for letting the glitter shine through!

One of the biggest hush-hush buzzes this year at CHA was the debut of Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid. (Remember my foray into the secret locked room to get a sneak peek?) Now, however, the secret is out, the products are on the shelves- and in the hands of yours truly! Now, there are SO many products in this line that I’m going to have to break them down into a whole series! Today, though, I thought I’d give you […]

CHA Summer 2011: Plaid Crafts (& Martha Stewart Crafts Paint Line)


Today’s CHA coverage is brought to you by: I always enjoy popping into the Plaid booth to see what is new and fun- not to mention, I LOVE catching up with Steve Piacenza and Cathie Filian. This time, they were doing a canvas home decor project. That seems to be a big trend right now! So…. then I asked about the new Martha Stewart Crafts paint line, and I got taken into this secret, locked room. I’m not even kidding! […]