Craft Book Review: Fair Isle Knitting

Simple Fair Isle Knit Baby Hat

Although I have enjoyed knitting for many years, I have never really ventured beyond the basic dishcloth.   Fair Isle knitting has always intrigued me, but I’ve never been brave enough to give it a try.  Its intricate patterns are intimidating at best.  Lynne Watterson’s craft book, The Very Easy Guide ot Fair Isle Knitting  was just the nudge I needed to step out of my yarn comfort zone.    The front cover reads “step-by-step techniques, easy-t0-follow stitch patterns, and […]

Craft Product Review: The Knook by Leisure Arts

The Knook Beginner Set in its original packaging

The Knook by Leisure Arts is a system for creating knitted fabric using a crochet hook and a silky cord instead of a second needle. From The Knook page: • Learning to knit is easy with the Knook and our step-by-step instructions! Great for beginners! • One tool—a new & unique specialized bamboo crochet hook—replaces the traditional needles! • No more dropped stitches to chase after! Hook & cord keep them secure! I have a confession to make: I can’t […]

Craft Tool Review: Martha Stewart Crafts and Lion Brand Yarn Knit and Weave Loom Kit


When the lovely folks at Lion Brand Yarn sent me the Martha Stewart Craftsâ„¢ and Lion Brand Yarn® Knit & Weave Loom Kit—and a giant box of yarn to use while I was trying it out—I was both very excited and completely overwhelmed. With more than thirty configurations for creating square, rectangle, circle, and oval looms in multiple sizes, plus tools for single knitting, double knitting, weaving, and making rosettes, there were so many possibilities that I didn’t know where […]

Knitting Looms and Jury Duty


Last week was quiet here on CTD, because your crafty friend was called up for…JURY DUTY! I can hear the collective groans from you readers, but really, I didn’t mind too much. First of all, I believe in our judicial system and my civic and moral obligation to serve. The other reason I didn’t mind so much was that I knew that I could catch up on my crafting with all that waiting around! So after a quick think about […]