Recycle Craft: Cardboard Tube Drums

recycle drum using a discarded oatmeal box and window film!

In my previous career as a Music Therapist, I came up with a number of crafty projects, and making musical instruments was my favorite! We were always working on a super-tight budget, with an eye toward recycling when we could, and making instruments that adults wouldn’t be embarrassed to play. One year, I came up with drums made of tubes and shrink wrap- and today, I’m sharing it with you! This is a great rainy day craft, scout craft, vacation […]

24 Ideas to Use Up Fabric Scraps

24 ideas for using up scrap fabric!

Another confession: I hoard fabric scraps. Sometimes is the color, sometimes it’s the texture, sometimes it’s just that it’s a bit of a piece of clothing or reminds me of something I can’t let go of yet. So I hold on to a ton of fabric scraps! Today, I have a ton of great ideas for using up fabric scraps- some from me, but a bunch from other talented crafters/bloggers/designers. SO many great ideas here!     So…now are you […]

DIY Travel Accessories Tutorial


Thanks again to Fairfield World for sponsoring content on CTD. Please visit their site for more product information and free projects!  As I was preparing my post about Poly Pellets and Micro Beads for Fairfield World, I got inspired to get out my machine and make a few things. I had a pair of my daughter’s old leggings and knew that the knit fabric would be great to recycle – so I created a travel neck pillow AND a stress/sleeping […]

Craft Countdown with Becky Striepe

Craft Countdown with Becky Striepe

    My name is Becky Striepe (pronounced “stree-pee,” like “sleepy”), and I am a freelance writer and vegan crafter living in Atlanta, Georgia. My life’s mission is to make green crafting and vegan food accessible to everyone!     5 tools or supplies you can’t be without 1. Vintage buttons 2. Ric Rac 3. Fabric scissors 4. Burlap 5. A rainbow of thread colors   4 favorite sources of creative inspiration 1. Food and cooking – I love making […]

Recycle Craft: Faux Lampwork Paper Beads

Green Craft: Faux Lampwork Paper Beads from Paper Scraps

Ok- Time for a show of hands- who here is a paper hoarder?? Don’t worry- you are among friends. No judgment here. I find that not only that sometimes to I have a hard time cutting into my favorite sheets of paper, but sometimes when I do, I can’t even toss the little baby scraps. I just love them and want to own them all!! But I’d drown in scraps if I didn’t find some ways of using them up….and […]

How-To: Fabric Flower Guest Book


This craft ran last year on but I thought you all might like to see it here on CTD. Get your fabric scrap ready, and make a guest book/open house/autograph book that will be a treasured keepsake! Yesterday I showed you how to use recycled fabric to make shabby-chic flowers. Today, I’m going to show you how a few of  these blooms and some pearly accents can transform a standard guest book into a personalized centerpiece. You’ll need: Victoria […]

How-To: Recycled Fabric Flowers

  This post originally ran on last year- but I thought y’all might like it here, as well! Get your fabric scraps ready and craft it up! I love to be able to recycle- it means I can stretch my money and save more for my craft shopping! Well, this handy-dandy flower is made from recycled silk or taffeta (I got mine from a relative who sews prom gowns) but you could just as easily rip up an old […]

How-To: Luggage Accessories Using Recycled Neckties

Back view. Does it need a monogram?

It’s no secret- I love recycle/”green” crafts. There’s something about taking something that is headed for the garbage or donation bin and then transforming it into a new, useful or beautiful object. Today’s tutorial is both useful AND  beautiful- we’re going to make luggage handle cozies and tags from old neckties- the wilder the print, the better! With these colorful accessories, you’ll never wonder, “Is that my luggage?” ever again!  Let’s get to it! To make one set (a handle […]

“Green” Craft Tools: Recycled Scissors by X-Acto

X-Acto recycled scissors

Hello, Crafters! It’s Earth Week, and that means a special spotlight on a “green” or Earth-friendly tool or product is in order. So today, I’m turning my attention to X-Acto 9-inch Recycled Scissors. These scissors feature a green plastic handle that is made from recycled materials, and the blades are about 3.5 inches long. The overall length is about….8.5 inches! They must have rounded up. Here’s how they are described on the website: X-ACTO9” Recycled Scissors are crafted with the […]

Video Review: (Guitar) Pick Punch

Pick Punch

Today’s review is a fun one for me- I’m reviewing the Pick Punch that my dear, sweet son bought me for Christmas last year. I geeked out when I saw it in a catalog because it’s a great way to reuse old bank cards, gift cards etc. And you all know that I love “green” crafts! For those of you who don’t know me in “real life,” I’ve played guitar since I was 14, and spent 15 years as a […]

“100 Days” Craft Idea


So, this is new to me: my kids celebrate the first 100 days of school. (We didn’t do this back in the day.) As a result, my first grader was required to bring in 100 items- anything, really- and display them for the class. The purpose is counting, I suppose. But I saw this as a crafter-tunity to use up some beads AND get my daughter making art! Since I recently thinned out my beading stash (yes, I am a […]

“Go Green” Linky Party!

Go Green Craft Test Dummies

I love crafts that use recycled materials- besides being economical, you get that “warm fuzzy feeling” that you are doing something positive for the environment. So this month, the Linky Party Theme is GO GREEN! Link up your best craft projects (up to three, please) that recycle, upcycle, or otherwise use items/materials that might be headed for the trash. I’m still gathering goodies to giveaway, but the prize pack will include a notebook by ecosystems, a bottle cutter by DiamondTech, […]

Guest Post: Christine Urias and “Wee Wonderfuls” Book Review

Hi!! My name is Christine and I am the Host of Scrap Time!! Today I am here at Craft Test Dummies to share a review with you on the book ‘Wee Wonderfuls’ by Hillary Lang! I love Handmade Dolls!! I had a pile of my daughter’s clothing and I though instead of giving it away, I would use the fabric to make my own dolls! I then came across this book, ‘Wee Wonderfuls‘ by Hillary Lang and I was immediately […]

Recycled Zipper Pulls and Luggage Tags


It’s a new school year and new backpacks and jackets have been purchased- but it’s only a matter of time before my kids yank the pulls right off of the zippers! So I’m getting the jump on repairs by making some fun, recycled ones that the kids can personalize. We’re building the base on an unlikely substrait- Formica samples from the home improvement store! You can pick a few up the next time you’re there, and if you ask nicely, […]

Recycled Necktie Coffee Cozies

(c) CraftTestDummies, 2010

Little known fact: my #1 search term that brings people to my blog is “Necktie Crafts.” Really. And I don’t know WHY I have such a fascination for old neckties…but well, I do. And here’s another craft to get you scouring your grandpa’s closet and thrift stores! These coffee cuffs are  also a NO-SEW project- hurray! You can whip up a slew of these in a 1/2 hour or less…and all you need is neckties, Fabri-Tac, and a few embellishments. […]

Recycled Domino Craft on CraftsUnleashed

altereddominoes2 003

As many of you know, I’m the Editor over at, the blog that ‘s sponsored by ConsumerCrafts. I got to post one of my favorite crafts over there, altered dominoes. I love reusing game pieces, and you only need a few supplies- some alcohol inks, a black ink pad, and stamps, plus some paper glaze for a top coat! You can turn your little mini works of art into magnets, pins, pendents, or small components for larger altered art […]

Kid’s Craft: Nature Prints with Solar Print Paper

Finished Nature Prints

Here at the Casa of Crafts we are trying to squeeze as much out of the rest of summer as we can; and while the sun is still shining brightly, we thought we’d try out some Solar Print paper as a fun science/nature craft. This quasi-educational project can be done over a few different stages, too. We started off by exploring our new yard and collecting leaves, stems, and flowers, and then trying to identify them all. We then pressed […]

Button Crafts, Part Two

The Craft Gods keep sending me button goodness to share….must be some kinds of harmonic convergence in the crafty universe! I got online today and found this FAB-U-LOUS button coaster craft at CraftStylish for a button coaster. Wow! I LOVE the way it looks, and you could create all kinds of designs if you used different colors of embroidery threads and/or different colors of buttons. Just make sure they are of a uniforms size and you can get really creative […]

Button Crafts

I love buttons- both the functional, keep-your-sweater-closed variety, as well as purely decorative/design elements. Yup. Love buttons! So, since it’s National Craft Month in March I thought I’d share a few resources with you! Make a cute button-covered tote…I reposted it from Martha Stewart a while back. Great way to use up those funky buttons in the button jar and spruce up that boring market tote! CraftStylish offers step-by-step instructions on making a button bracelet– you need shank buttons for […]