“Firecracker” Rice Treat Pops

Firecracker pops 013

The other day I saw a super cute cookie treat idea  for the 4th of July on CakeSpy– you make cookies with Pop Rocks Candy and then roll the creamy filling with more Pop Rocks for a “firecraker” type of effect when you eat them. I loved the idea- but I needed to crank out my own lazy-and-cheap version. So what’s a gal to do? Hit the Dollar Store, of course! There I picked up the basic necessities: craft sticks […]

Food Craft: Review of Wilton “Punch.Cut. Decorate!” Sugar Sheet Cutters

Wilton Cut Punch Decorate swatch test

Food crafting is STILL a big deal in the crafting community- and every day we see more and more tools and products that make it easier and  more fun. Case in point: the Wilton “Punch. Cut. Decorate!” line. The system consists of special food-grade “punches”- much like paper punches- that make cutting sugar sheets, fondant, and gum paste a breeze. But before I get ahead of myself, here’s how it’s described on the Wilton website: Punch.Cut.Decorate!â„¢ is the new way […]

Crafty Snacks to Give

candypolymer 005

Another last-minute gift idea folks, from the gal who is becoming the QUEEN of “Last-Minute!” We’ve been making these little tempting treats for our holiday parties for years now…but they don’t seem to have a name! Our family just calls them “those little chocolate nummies” and we all know exactly what they are- and what they are is GOOD! They are so easy to make and wonderful to package up for little hostess gifts, too! Or you can make up […]

Snowflake Cookies Using the Cricut Cake!

This is a post I wrote for CraftsUnleashed.com for their “Christmas in July” series- so I thought it was about time I shared it here, too! Here’s a fun and edible craft for your Christmas parties! This time, we’re going to use the Cricut Cake to cut frosting sheets to make amazing holiday cookies you’ll be so proud to serve, you won’t want to eat! You’ll need: Cricut Cake Machine Frosting Sheets Canned Frosting & blue food coloring Drop and […]

Product Review: ProvoCraft Cricut Cake Frosting Sheets

cricutcake 006

One of the coolest things about the Cricut Cake (or so we’re told) is that you can cut so many different food items with it. Since I am both a cake-decorating novice and a Cricut Cake newbie, I decided to start with what seemed like a simple and stress-free material: Frosting Sheets. Of course, I have never even laid eyes on Frosting Sheet before, so I thought I’d do a special post here on just what they are, how they […]

Craft Product Review: Cricut Cake, Part One

cricutcake 001

Well… after much debate, I finally plunked down my cash for a CricutCake machine. If you remember, I had attended CHA in January, and was supposed to receive one from Provocraft for free. (!!!) However, on the long trip home with kids and a side trip to Disney, I LOST my coupon for the freebie. I let the folks-that-be know, and I was assured it would still come. BUT, 6 months and many e-mails later, no Cake for me! Poo. […]