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Comparison of Stamp Pad Inks on Fabric

September 21, 2011


Here’s another post inspired by the “which one is best?” question. I like to stamp images on fabric postcards, art quilts, and even ribbon for paper crafting. So I got to wondering which stamp pad would work best on fabric (providing a nice, clear image) and which, if any, would survive a washing. The contenders […]

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Yo-Yo Embellished Tank Top

September 19, 2011



I bet if you look around in your closet or dresser, you’ll find it- a blah, boring tank top or tee-shirt. You can transform it in about 2 hours (plus drying time) into a fun, stylish top! You only need a few tools and supplies, so let’s get started. You’ll need: Clover Yo-Yo makers in […]

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Book Review: Sew Wild by Alisa Burke

September 16, 2011


Blog Book Tour: Sew Wild by Alisa Burke

I’ve been a fan of Alisa Burke for a while now, her blog is in my daily feed and I have another of her books. I’m crazy about her messy graffiti style and the way she uses and layers color. In Sew Wild, Alisa still uses her messy layers, colors and even some lettering and […]

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Craft Product Review: Clover Kanzashi Flower Makers: Pointed Petal

September 8, 2011


Layered Flower

When Jenny handed me these Clover Kanzashi Flower Makers at CHA, I knew that I’d be reviewing them during National Sewing Month, but I had no idea how great the timing would be! As it turns out, a few weeks later, my husband was nominated for an Emmy, and I suddenly found myself making my […]

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Hooray for Headbands and Heather Bailey

July 8, 2008


The weather here in NE Ohio has been sticky-hot this week, and my curly hair is getting on my nerves. I’m always up for a new hair gizzie (as they are affectionately called in my family) and Heather Bailey of www.HelloMyNameisHeather.com has a quick and FREE tutorial on making fabric headbands.  Yay! She has a […]

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