Craft Product Review: LED Sewing Kit from


If you’re looking to add a little extra shine to your needlework and sewing projects, you’ll definitely want to check out this LED Sewing Kit from Becky at Even if you don’t have previous experience with creating circuits, don’t worry—the kits are easy to use and yield great results. Before I started this review, I’d never used conductive thread or LEDs in any of my projects, but I didn’t have any trouble getting started. Plus, at $10 each, the […]

Craft Product Review: Neo Stitch Cross-Stitch iPhone Case by Leese Design


When I first saw the Leese Design Neo Stitch Cross-Stitch iPhone Case, I was absolutely giddy with excitement. The idea of being able to cross-stitch a custom case for my phone was almost too much for my little embroidery-loving heart. But, before I got too excited, I knew that I would need to create a pattern that would put the case through its paces so I would know what I was working with. To test as many normal cross-stitch functions […]

Craft Product Review: Martha Stewart Crafts Embroidery Kits

Bee Detail

When I was first given the opportunity to review the Martha Stewart Crafts Embroidery Kits, I was a bit nervous. While I’m certainly not an expert stitcher, I’m not new to embroidery, so I wasn’t sure that I would be able to objectively judge the quality of the directions and the ease of use of the kits. But, as it turned out, my previous knowledge was a good thing—it forced me to really slow down and follow each step just […]