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How-To Recycle Plastic Eggs into Musical Shakers (Sensory Craft)

April 23, 2014


How-To Recycled Easter Egg Shakers

Yes, Easter has come and gone. How would you like to use up those plastic eggs instead of saving them for next year? I’ve got a fun sensory/music craft for you today that will probably cost you ZERO dollars out of pocket AND is Earth-Friendly, too! That’s a three-fer craft, folks. Recycle those plastic eggs!  […]

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Green Crafting: Recycled Aluminum Can Brooches

April 20, 2011


It’s amazing to me what the right tool can do for you- and in this case, the tool is the Cuttlebug  This little hand-cranked gem can help you transform old aluminum soda cans into cool, kitchy blooms that you can wear as pins! For this craft, you will need: Aluminum can, rinsed well Craft Blade […]

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Cricut + Vinyl = Upcycled Bike Helmet

April 21, 2010

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Now my boy will be "cool" AND safe.

When you have a kid, there is a zone in which “cool” trumps “safe”- so when it was time to replace my son’s bike helmet, I KNEW it had better be cool, or else he just wouldn’t wear it. Sadly, the safest one was  plain white. (Lame-O!) So we had to jazz it up, STAT. […]

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Recycled Necktie Coffee Cozies

April 14, 2010


recycle crafts 2010 018

Little known fact: my #1 search term that brings people to my blog is “Necktie Crafts.” Really. And I don’t know WHY I have such a fascination for old neckties…but well, I do. And here’s another craft to get you scouring your grandpa’s closet and thrift stores! These coffee cuffs are  also a NO-SEW project- […]

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Springtime Crafting – Make a Birdbath

April 7, 2008


So I spent this morning raking out beds, uncovering little shoots of spring. My crocus are blooming, and the tulips and daffys are over 1/2 up. It won’t be long until they bloom, too. So with all of this spring springing up around me, my thoughts have turned to garden crafts and yard art. First […]

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