Recycled Zipper Pulls and Luggage Tags


It’s a new school year and new backpacks and jackets have been purchased- but it’s only a matter of time before my kids yank the pulls right off of the zippers! So I’m getting the jump on repairs by making some fun, recycled ones that the kids can personalize. We’re building the base on an unlikely substrait- Formica samples from the home improvement store! You can pick a few up the next time you’re there, and if you ask nicely, […]

How-To: Mod Podged “Boo-Boo Box”

Boo Boo Box

Here’s a sweet little decoupage craft that is right in time for the summer- after all, summer at our house means bike rides, sports, outdoor play…and boo-boos! You can use any cardboard box you might have saved from the trash or a paper mache purse from the craft store. Everyone needs a boo-boo box at hand for little emergencies! So, here’s what I did: I took some pretty scrapbook paper and cut the following: 2 pieces for the top and […]

Craft Product Review: Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

modpodge&cricutcoaster 001

I use Mod Podge for a lot of my projects. A LOT. But there are some projects that need that extra “pop” of a raised glaze, or to fill a bezel. Enter Mod Podge Dimensional Magic by Plaid. Now, back in the day, I was addicted to a glaze product by Plaid called Royal  Coat Dimensional Magic…but sadly, it was discontinued. I used in on bottle caps and ATC’s, altered dominoes and faux dichroic glass. (I bought up every bottle […]