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Tin Work Ornaments featuring Bic Mark-its

December 17, 2010


Happy Friday, friends! We’re in the homestretch of the Christmas holiday now, and I’m STILL making little gifts. Today I came up with this idea to make some metal-work ornaments. Wanna see? I made this with craft tin, but you could just as easily use recycled soda can aluminum. Start with a basic shape- I […]

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Fall Party Juice Box Cuffs or Napkin Rings

October 25, 2010


I’m the mom to two kids, and I love to participate in their school events. A few years ago I came up with the idea of decorating the juice boxes for their Halloween class party- I mean, why shouldn’t the drinks be as cute as everything else? And this year I’ve modified the design so […]

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Craft Product Review: Bic Mark-It Markers

September 13, 2010


smuckersbicsmooch 011

While I’m not sure permanent markers really count as a “craft product” per se, I don’t know a single crafter worth his/her salt that doesn’t have a stash of permanent markers. And while another brand has kind of dominated the market, I was really drawn in (pardon the pun) by the Bic Mark-it colors and […]

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