Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings


Need some last-minute bling for Valentine’ Day? These earrings are quick and simple, but super-sparkly! I designed this as a member of the CraftsUnleashed Design Team, so I’ve included the links to ConsumerCrafts.com, where you can get all of your crafting supplies for less.



  • Round nose pliers
  • Flush-cut wire cutters

Make a wrapped loop at the end of your wire, using your round nose pliers. Wrap 2 times and cut off excess with your flush-cut wire cutters. Snip off about 5 inches of wire.

String on 1 red bicone, a crystal rondelle spacer, then a large round bead. Make another wrapped loop at the top. Affix the earring finding to the top (where the round bead is) and, using a jump ring, add the heart charm to the bottom. So easy!

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  1. Connie Henderson says

    Absolutely beautiful, can’t wait to make these for my granddaughters! Thank you for posted this project!


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