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This is the time of year when gift-giving for some folks- but photo gifts can be an easy fix! (Frankly, I don’t know what parent, aunt/uncle, grand parent or even god-parent wouldn’t like a photo of the kids, relatives or furbabies!) Usually printing-to-canvas is done online with a company you might not know. But now, your local Staples Easy Canvas printing service can do it for you!

 Staples asked me to try out their service so I could see how easy it is. I’m always up for a new experience- and some sweet photos of my kids- so I agreed.

To get started, I uploaded a .jpg (photo) file onto my USB device. (Seriously, that’s the hardest part.) Then I took my USB to my local Staples.

There right inside the store, is your full-service printing shop! I gave the clerk my USB and she downloaded my image.

Since Easy Canvas is a “wrapped” canvas- meaning the image covers the sides- it was important to center the photo just where I wanted it. The clerk made all the adjustment- I just had to give my feedback. In less than 10 minutes we had created a “proof” – a printed copy that would show me how my Easy Canvas would print out.

Once it was approved, it had to be sent to a central location for printing. I got a call in 3 days that my print was back and ready to go!

I check it out and hurriedly rushed back home- I was NOT careful about re-wrapping it in the bubble wrap it came in. Sadly, it sustained some damage; a bit of the printing wore away.

I take full responsibility for this– it was perfect when I left the store. And then I schlepped it home and let my 7-year old carry the box. But I wanted to share this with you so you don’t do what I did!!

But the rest of it looks perfect. I want to show you how the image wraps along the side:

Here’s an interesting difference I’ve found- Easy Canvas is not stretched on wood bars- it’s actually on a cardboard frame! This makes Easy Canvas super-light (no additional wall anchors necessary, just a plain nail will do) AND it’s a lot lighter if you’d care to ship it to someone.

Back- sturdy and light cardboard frame.

But as always, the real test is how well will it look at home? I put it up in our hallway and I think it looks lovely.

The colors are vibrant, the printing perfect- no pixellation here, folks- and a reasonable price point ($29.99 for an 11X14, which is what I got)  and a SUPER-quick turnaround.

So.. now for the fun! How would YOU like to win an Easy Canvas print of your own, AND an enlargement? Sure you do!

To enter:

  • Use the RaffleCopter Widget below. Click the blue link if it does not automatically pop up on your browser.
  • Leaving a comment is mandatory. Please answer the question in order to be entered.
  • Gain extra entries by following on Facebook and Twitter- there’s even and once-per-day entry option!
  • Read the fine print in the terms and conditions. The prize is actually a gift certificate that MUST BE REDEEMED IN A STORE.

Alrighty, then- GO!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Staples provided me a gift certificate so I could try EasyCanvas. They are sponsoring this giveaway, but my opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Mike says

    I would give it to my uncle who lives very far away and does not get to see pictures of my kids that often

  2. SusanB says

    I would definitely keep it. I have been wanting one of these for a couple of years now. I am ready with the perfect photo! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Carrie Sl says

    I would keep it, as I have some wedding pictures that I have not enlarged yet. A canvas of the picture would be very cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Caryn S. says

    I would keep it (use it for the extended family portrait from my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary this year). Then depending on how I liked it I’d get more!

  5. Christine Herbert says

    I would definitely keep it and display it proudly i n my home. I already know what picture I would use , one of my whole family. I would just have to get several made so everyone could have their own!

  6. Randa says

    I love the idea of being lightweight and easy accessibility to a local store! And the price is very tempting! Great idea for gifts and for myself.

  7. superstitches says

    If I could get a great picture of my daughters together I’d keep it for myself. What a great gift idea.

  8. Rebecca Bodine says

    This is really neat. hen my kids were small, we made plates, cups, puzzles etc from photos or things the kids had dran. But this is a real picture from a picture.It feels classier.

  9. Victoria says

    I love this idea for myself! I would love a canvas print of my grandchildren! What a beautiful idea!

  10. says

    Honestly, I have big space in the living room that I would love to fill with one of these, so I would totally keep it for myself! Thank you for the great review – I have been wondering!

  11. says

    Totally keep it myself! I need it- and there are just way too many kids in our extended family, we would make everyone jealous if our kids got a big picture hanging at grandmas :)

  12. Ingrid says

    Oh my gosh I’d keep it for myself! I never have enough pictures of my kiddos hanging around!

  13. Erin L says

    I would definitely keep it! We moved earlier this year and are still trying to fill up our blank walls. Thanks!

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