Spring Craft: Easter Banner


I created this banner for CraftsUnleashed last year- but I think it still is pretty rockin’! 

If you’ve been online or reading magazines, you probably have noticed the trend of making banners to decorate or celebrate. I’ve “hopped” on the bandwagon for Easter (har, har!) and whipped up this simple but stunning decoration. However, this would be just as cute if it said “Spring” or “Celebrate.”

I used:

  • Black Magic Core-dinations cardstock (or your choice in 4 different colors)
  • Nana’s Kids Patterned Paper (or your choice in 4 different patterns
  • big tub o’ buttons
  • Darice Tape Runner
  • Crafter’s Toolbox White Glue
  • Glue dots foam pop-ups
  • Eyelets and setter
  • 1/8 hole punch
  • ribbon for hanging
  • Cricut Personal Die-cutter (Optional)
  • Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge (to cut circles and flowers)
  • Storybook Cartridge (to cut letters and butterflies)

(If you don’t have have a Cricut, you can cut your circles anyway you like! You can also substitute chipboard letters for the die-cut letters, too.)

egcraftsgiveawaybanner 003

Select 4 sheets of plain colored cardstock and 4 sheets of patterned paper that work well together. From each piece of  plain cardstock, cut two 4″ circles, two 2″ flowers, and two 1.5″ flowers using the Plantin Schoolbook cart or cutting method of your choice. With the patterned paper, from each sheet  cut two 3 1/2″ circles  Using the tape runner, adhere the pattern paper in the middle of the plain cardstock circle.

egcraftsgiveawaybanner 004

Mark two holes at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock, about 1/4 inch from the edge of the circle. This is where your eyelets will be set. Punch holes with the hole punch. Use the first one to mark all of the others to keep them consistent.  Set the eyelets on the front of the circles.

egcraftsgiveawaybanner 006egcraftsgiveawaybanner 008

Switching to the Storybook cartridge and using a sheet of plain white cardstock., cut out the letters for “Easter”, making the letters 3″ high. Cut two butterflies at 3″ as well.

Using white glue, attach the letters and two butterflies in the middle of the circles. While that’s drying, layer one large flower, one small flower, and one button to make little embellishments. Repeat 6 times or as many as you need to dress up your banner as you wish.  Use white glue to hold the embellishments together. Add 3 small buttons each to adorn the “body” of the butterflies. Using the foam dots, attach flower embellishments to the circles.

egcraftsgiveawaybanner 011

egcraftsgiveawaybanner 009egcraftsgiveawaybanner 010

Using approximately 3 yards of ribbon, thread it through the eyelets to hang your festive Spring/Easter banner. Enjoy!

egcraftsgiveawaybanner 033

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