Snow Day = Clay Day


Extrruded clay piecesWe had a blizzard here the past coupla days, so we hunkered down and stayed cozy and safe. I decided to play a bit more with my new extruder, and my brain is buzzing with possibilities. Unfortunately, I was so over-stimulated that I forgot to mind the clay oven, and I scorched a number of pieces. However, with some of them I don’t mind, and I’m going to “make it work” as Tim Gunn would say!

Actually, the top left pendant in the picture got a little toasty brown, so when it was cool I rubbed the entire thing with bronze rub-n-buff. It looks much more like ceramic, I think, now. The piece on the top right was glazed with 2 coats of TLS.  I’m not crazy about how it turned out. You lose all of the detail. Oh well.

I really dig the ball beads, too. The one on the left is “naked”, and the one on the right is glazed with Future. I think I like the extruded clay unvarnished the best. This is a first for me, because usually I like things shiny and glossy!

Sea Swirls by JennyThis is my fav, though, so far. Reminds me of swirling waves. it has a diagonal hole for stringing.  I’m calling it “Sea Swirls.” And while it doesn’t show up in this photo, there is a light brushing of interference blue Pearl-Ex on it. Yummy!

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    I love the “Sea Swirls” pendant! Wish I could “sea” it in person to be able to appreciate the Pearl-Ex. In adition to swirling waves, it also reminds me of the cogs of a watch or clock–interesting that it conjures up the essences of two such different entities! Fluid and natural, versus manmade and mechanical. Thank you for sharing your piece. Now I’m off to your product reviews, to see what you had to say about the S by S line. :-)
    Amy in TN

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    Hi Jenny. These pendants are beautiful. Looks like
    you’re happy with your new extruder. Great job! And
    thanks for looking at my blog and leaving a comment.
    I posted a tutorial today on using caulk for texture, along with a photo of some other inchies. Just thought
    I’d let you know, since you asked about it in your

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    This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I played with my first ever polymer clay today and believe me it’s a work in progress! I’m so use to buying beads and just putting them together. I’ve have to buy this little toy, it does wonders!
    Thanks for sharing!

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    I love your sea swirls pendant. I love working with polymer clay, but don’t have as much time as I would like.


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