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Do you avoid hand-writing or lettering in your journals or scrapbook pages because your writing goes up- or downhill? I do. And I’ve recently learned that while I “eyeball” alot, my eyes don’t seem to be on the level either! So I really enjoyed testing out the SliderWriter, a laser-level tool for calligraphers, paper crafters, and scrapbookers!

IMG_3532 - Copy

Information from the website:

  • SliderWriter is a great tool for scrapbooking.
    • Accepts up to a 12X12 standard scrapbook page.
    • Align photos, objects, stamping and embellishments with laser accuracy. Reduce the amount of reworking and wasted supplies.
    • If required the provided rubber bands (2) can be used to create incremental vertical margins. Regular office rubber bands can be used if the originals are lost.
    • Additionally, to align objects vertically the paper can be removed and rotated 90 degrees.
    • Handwritten notations are level and much faster to make. Don?t worry about ruining completed pages with handwritten notations. They will turn out just as you want them!
  • SliderWriter is a tremendous help for brides.
    • Send perfectly addressed wedding invitations. Your invitations will look as if they were addressed by a professional.
    • Thank you cards can be beautifully written and make a lasting impression.
  • Calligraphists will love SliderWriter.
    • Save time and create stunning work without using a ruler or temporary pencil lines.
    • To aide in proper spacing a 3/8” calligraphy guide is on the left margin while a standard ruler is on the right margin.
    • Letters that dip below the line are no problem with SliderWriter. There will be no unsightly start and stop ink accumulation with SliderWriter.
  • Write a letter or personalize a card.
    • Use fanciful unlined stationary without hesitation. SliderWriter will ensure a great looking letter.
    • Personalize cards without worrying about ruining the card with uneven writing.
  • Use the paper holder to your advantage.
    • The paper holder secures the paper to avoid paper shifting.
    • Unit can be easily configured for left-handed users. Simply remove the paper holder with a Phillips screwdriver and reattach on the opposite side.
  • The laser can be calibrated at any time. Whether it is the first time you use SliderWriter or the 500th time, you can be assured of accuracy.

So let’s take a closer look. It’s quite a sizable tool, measuring 13 inches by 17 inches across, by 2 inches high.

The laser is on the left-hand side (although you can flip it around for lefties) and has an on-off switch on the side and a toggle on the top that controls the angle of the laser. There is a battery included and can be changed. The laser slides easily along track. There are markings on both the right and left hand sides of the tool so you can calibrate the laser to ensure that it really is straight.

SliderWriterI took this photo in natural light on a cloudy day so you could see the brightness of the laser. I did not adjust this photo in any way. You can see the three positions of the laser, should you want to add slanted lines.


There are also two rubber bands that fit into grooves that help secure your project flat to the table.

IMG_3535 - Copy

Of course, if you have  smaller project you’re working on- like the tag shown below- you might need to come up with another method of securing your project flat. (Drat those inky sprays that warp my projects!)


So! Now on to actually seeing how it works practically. I used it in three aspects of crafting: writing, aligning paper/elements, and stamping.

First, handwriting. I wrote an address down on an envelope first, just to see how off my natural handwriting is. As you can see, I do drift uphill a bit.


I certainly felt more comfortable with my handwriting using the SliderWriter. I and loved that I could use the measurements on the edge to make my lines evenly spaced. Whee!

Next, I tried stamping with both wood and cling-mount stamps. I also used the SliderWriter to line up some elements on a card I was working on.

sliderwriter3The wood-mounted blocks were a bit too clunky to use the SliderWriter with much efficiency. But WOW, the acrylic cling mounted stamps were a revelation! And I used it to line up some straight edges. I “eyeball” things a lot, but the SliderWriter has shows me how far I’m really off! YIPES.

IMG_3541So you have to ask yourself, “Do I WANT to be perfect?” If you do, then the SliderWriter is a must-have. I usually lean toward a more casual/handmade aesthetic, but the SliderWriter was really valuable when I wanted to be fussy and KEEP IT STRAIGHT. Take the cards I made below- those little squares-on-top-of-squares would have been a bugger to keep aligned. The SliderWriter made it easy. Really, really easy!

IMG_3551Now, the price may be the thing that puts you off: $69.99 USD and it’s only available on their website as of this writing.  It also has quite a footprint- but I found that since the main table of the tool is 12X12 inches, I just would keep working on that surface for gluing. But if you are cramped for space, it could be a bit much for you.

I was pleasantly surprised when I was working on invitations for my daughter’s birthday sleepover, and the first thing I thought was, “HEY! I better use the SliderWriter” to write the information inside. While I’m not a natural perfectionist, I certainly felt that “more perfect” was within my grasp (and without frustration) when using the SliderWriter!

What do you think? Are you a perfectionist? Would you like this tool? I’d love to hear from you!

Disclosure: Sample Provided for review.


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  1. Megan says

    Hi there, I don’t see why small art quilters or sewers couldn’t use this to line up things either. Some fabrics you can’t mark on or your worried your marks won’t come off. I could have used this for some projects and I like how they are starting to use “guys” tool and relating them to the craft market. So many times I’m laying out a quit that’s too long for a ruler and wish I could use a laser tape measure type tool that’s designed for the quilter in mind.

  2. Carole Tiep says

    I have only one question. where can I buy it? I thought that my arsenal of craft tools was complete, I really haven’t seen any tool I wanted to add for over a year, but this looks like a real answer to a problem. I am a custom card maker and I manage to get everything straight, most of the time, but this looks like it will cut out a lot of time consuming work.
    Great Post.
    Cards from the Heart

  3. says

    Carole- right now you can buy it on the website. Follow the first link in post! PS…. there will be SliderWriter giveaway on Friday! : )

  4. says

    Megan- I think you certainly COULD use it for quilting. Just place the pieces on the board and then pin or using fabric glue stick to keep them in place until you get it to the machine. Great idea!

  5. Beckiev says

    Love, love, love your reviews! Hate to be snarky but I use a laser level from a big box store that costs a whole lot less and works well for me…it certainly does appear to be a great tool but the price is out of my budget!

  6. Rebecca Ednie says

    I’d love this if it wasn’t so expensive. There’s another laser ‘line up’ device on the market and it too is out of my price range. I just use quilting rulers and my fairly good eyesight to line things up. The latter serve me well most of the time and the former are cheap, handy and easy to store when I need them. I arrive for perfection but settle for very close most of the time. Pencil marks, calculators also help me out since I don’t want to shell out $70 plus shipping!

  7. Sandra Ross says

    I’m tending toward getting a laser guide tool, even though I do have a good eye. There are times in my crafting when it would make life much easier, and my work more accurate :-) , to have one. This particular tool seems to take up more room than the other one on the market, and space is always at a premium, so I will probably go with the other one.

  8. says

    I would like to see this on video and compared to others on the market. Wish I could try it out to see if I would really like using it. I am not a perfectionist but I can see some really good uses for it too!

  9. Alicia A says

    As a lettering artist, This Slider Writer tool looks like it would be such a great help as you explained, with lining up the lettering in a way you can not do by eye. There are many surfaces that you can’t pre-rule lines because of texture or shape with a light box. I have spent years trying to figure out how to get useful guidelines on items without making a mess to the lettering itself or the surface afterwards. This really is amazing!
    Thank you for the information you provide to us it really helps!

  10. Linda Shank says

    Hello Jenny,

    Thank you for the review. I am contemplating purchasing a laser guide tool and your review was helpful. I have a couple of questions:

    1) How tight does the clip hold the paper? Does it leave a mark on the paper?
    2) What degree angle does the laser accommodate?

  11. says

    Linda- it hold the paper tightly enough so that it doesn’t move, and I did not notice marks in my papers. The angles are as shown in the photos- there is not a measurement on them per se. (For example, you cannot “set” it to 22 degrees. ) Stay tuned, because I have another laser guide tool review in the works!

  12. says

    Can’t wait get the tool for me! You know I was searching this tool for long time Jenny. By the way, thanks for sharing.

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