Show & Tell: Make 3 Things…from paper beads


OK, so now you know I’m on a bit of a paper bead kick. And it’s working out for me, too….I’m going to be teaching a class at Grand River Beads in March. (See my “Calendar and Events” tab for all of my scheduled classes.)

I’m a big fan of trying to stretch your creative muscles, so one of my favorite self-challenges is “Make 3 Things.” Whether it’s using a product or technique, I think it’s important to use or do it a number of times to both explore the medium/process and to try to think outside of the box.

So I wanted to make 3 things with paper beads…. now, they are all jewelry items, but I’ll be working on that next. Anyhoo, this is what I’ve come up with. Today.

Dragonfly Pin

Paper Bead Dragonfly

Paper Beads with Sterling Silver Spacers and Swarovski Crystals

Paper Bead Earrings

Guitar Pick Pendant with Paper Beads & Crystals

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    These are really beautiful! I never thought paper could look elegant like this… I may have to try some on my own!

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