Sewing- Recycled Tie Bag/ Purses


Sulky's pic of tie bagsGot some old neckties that are hideous? One or two with sentimental value? How about whipping up a quick little purse-lette with it?

This idea came from the Sulky Company (makes thread and machine embroidery accessories) but I’m doing mine by hand. And with a little help from my hot glue gun. The link came through my ClothPaperStudio Yahoo Group– we’re going to do a little swappin’- but I pounced on the idea because I got a new Sirius portable radio for Christmas..

So far the new accessories aren’t out yet. Picture this: Jenny is working at her studio table, engrossed in craftmania. The radio portion is on the table. Jenny drops a bead! She goes down to retrieve it, and the radio is pulled off of the table and on to the floor. The headphones pop off and mess up her hair. What to do first? Get the bead? Fix the hair? Retrieve the radio???

So I figure if I make up one of these little beauties for myself, I’ll have a handy-dandy place to stow the radio. Then I only have to worry about those dang wayward beads.

And if you have even more ties to use up, here are some projects to explore:

And if you’d like to see some other folks’ craftwork with ties, check these out, too:

It just dawned on me I should have saved all of this ’till Father’s day….oh well.

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    Wow. I thought I had seen all the necktie-related links, but two are new to me here. Holy craft Batman!!!


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