SEI Color My Own Iron-On Transfers &Tumble Dye


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Are you a child of the 80’s? Remember those cool black velvet flocked posters that you could get at the drugstore? They came with a set of crummy markers and you got to color them in yourself? Those were the days. However, you can relive that time with SEI’s Color My Own Fuzzy Iron-On Art transfers.

From the SEI website:

Our iron-on flock transfers can be applied to any surface that will withstand the heat of an iron, i.e. wood, fabric, paper, clay, cork, and more.

I chose to decorate a canvas bag. The packaging doesn’t mention anything about what fabrics can be used, but I like to go with natural fibers just in case.

A few notes: follow the package instructions very carefully for best results. Don’t be like me, always trying to fudge it and then suffering the consequences. You must press very hard for at least 20 seconds in order to melt the flocking onto your surface. In my experience, it created a burning plastic smell which spooked me into not pressing hard enough, but that smell just means it’s working.

sei, iron on, iron-on, craft test dummies, craft, flocking

You can peek to see if it’s peeling appropriately; if not, just lay it back down gently and iron again. The key word is press; if you go back and forth as if ironing a shirt, it will affect the final quality.

sei, iron-on, flocking, fuzzy, craft test dummies, craft

I learned this the hard way; in the photo you can see the gray spots where the flocking partially stuck due to my overzealous ways.

craft test dummies, tumble dye, sei, flocking, iron on

However, I covered up my little mistake with a few liberal sprays of Tumble Dye, which can be used to add some abstract color to the ironed-on image (as well as fabric markers for a cleaner look).

Overall, I really liked this product. The designs are charming and modern and appeal to a range of ages. However, any kid use should be closely supervised and may result in frustration. Once I got the hang of it, my transfers turned out perfectly. But I really butchered the first one and you might expect a learning curve as well.

sei, iron on, iron-on, craft test dummies, craft

Aaand, they’re coming out with some ultra-hip new designs that I got to see and test at CHA in January, including this retro camera.

Each package comes with one transfer and costs $2.99; they’re available from SEI’s website and your local craft store.

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