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If you know me, you know I love a challenge! So when the folks at offered me a box o’ goodies and the challenge to use as many as I could in ONE PROJECT…well, I was all like “It’s ON!”

Wanna see what they sent me?

And friends, I am happy to report that I used it ALL- even the candy wrapper, the box AND the tissue paper! I make a cute little mixed media book.

I used the cardboard and craft sticks and Mod Podge to make the covers. I used the metallic stamp pad to color it all, and dressed up the cover with the felt paisley stickers and the “Dress it Up” buttons.

To make the inner pages, I used some watercolor paper that I stenciled with some black ink using the DecoArt Stencils they sent. I added some color along the edges with the Prang Colored pencils, too.

I even used the tissue paper and candy wrapper with some Mod Podge to make a sheet of plastic-y paper that I used to create little pockets…which I attached with raffia.

Notice on the page above, I made my own stamp using those felt shapes. I “felt” pretty clever. (Yo-ho! Punny!) I bound the signatures with raffia, too!

I even used the glass gems to make little “feet” for the back cover, so when you lay it down it won’t scratch the back.

If you’d like a better look, you can see the whole book in this little video.

I’d like to thank for the chance to participate. Please leave me a comment, and visit ScribbleShop here:




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  1. Dee in NH says

    Love it! What fun! I really love the way you used the sticks to make the cover!

  2. Sandy Lamb says

    Wow! I am soooo impressed!! I was right there with you when you opened your goody package. Truthfully, it didn’t really stir my ‘paper crafty me’ much. Obviously, there’s a reason you’re on your side of the screen and I’m not. You came up with a very cute and interesting little masterpiece. Awesome!

  3. ScrapBazaar says

    Great challenge. I have visite their site and follow them now on FB and twitter.

  4. says

    Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for participating in the Scribble Shop Challenge.

    Your cute little mix media book turned is so clever, I like how you used the felt pieces to make a stamp! Good job using all of the supplies even the candy wrappers and tissue paper.

    We are posting the finalist on our facebook page tomorrow, March 30th, 2012.

    Stay Tunned!

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