Scrapbook Update Features CHA Winter Sneak Peeks


Owner and Founder of , Nancy Nally

Right now the big buzz in the crafting industry is the Craft and Hobby Association Convention in Anaheim, California. The Winter show is the one in which all of the big-name craft manufacturers debut their new product lines.

Since it’s a tradeshow and not open to the general public, the next-best thing (aside from going to the Supershow, that is) is checking out the “Sneak Peeks” that many companies “leak” to the online community in order to build buzz.

There are SO many companies, and SO many new products and lines, how could you keep up with it all? Enter Nancy Nally of Scrapbook Update. Her site is THE place to go for scrapbook industry news and happenings! And in her organized-and-generous fashion, she has created a spread sheet on her blog that has all of the links to Sneak Peeks!

I think that if you are interested in not just scrapbooking as a hobby, but also publications, designers, industry trends, etc, you’d love to poke around her site and give it a look-see. It’s a great “behind-the-scenes” glipmse of the business side of scrapbooking!

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