Review: Stickr Frames and Corners from Butch and Harold


Vinyl frames from Butch and Harold to display photos and artwork.

So let me start this review with a little story. My little girl is an apple that fell not far from the CraftTestDummies tree- she loves to make art. She doodles, colors, writes stories with illustrations, and SmashBooks. She even takes a weekly drawing class! And she is PROLIFIC. There is barely enough wall space to contain all of her artwork. I’m always stumped on how to display it.

Some of my kids artwork, part of the ever-growing collection.

It was for this reason that I accepted the gracious offer to review Stickr Frames and Stickr Corners from Butch and Harold. Even though these vinyl products were initially aimed at putting photos on your wall without nails or hooks, I immediately saw the potential to hang up little girlfriend’s artwork and change it out regularly. All without muss and fuss!

Here’s a bit about products from Butch and Harold:

BUTCH & harold are the imaginary childhood dogs of sister team Michele and Ariane Gold. They went everywhere with the girls and have most recently become the namesake of their innovative home design collection of peel and stick artwork.

New York City has a uniquely chic design aesthetic that is reflected in BUTCH & harold. We offer a cool and effortless way to decorate your walls, with absolutely no installation required. BUTCH & harold has products for the whole family: from adorable nursery wall stickers, to classy modern sticker frames to fashionable dorm room wall decals. Imagine – art that requires no framing, hooks or hammer!

Yes… just stick it to your wall.

No… it won’t hurt your wall.

Yes… you can peel it off and put it somewhere else.

It’s art that you could have in your living room for Friday’s dinner party, and in your dining room for Sunday’s brunch; all without a scratch on the wall.

Peel… Stick… Love… Repeat

So let’s take a closer look!

This Stickr Frame pack retails for $19.99 and has 8 frames and some bonus inserts, like “notes” and “Messages”


The Stickr Classic Corners have 7 sets (four corners each) along with labels. This retails for $8.95.

Using the product is easy. You remove the Frame from the backing paper and place it face down on your table. Place your photo or artwork in the opening. Then flip it over and place on your wall.

I started by hanging up some of that artwork. I used Corners for some, and Frames for others.

One thing I noticed- the Corners weren’t quite cut all the way through. I experienced some tearing of the vinyl.

Note the area of tearing indicated by the arrow. I had the same issue on all of the Corners in this sample.

I ended up using my scissors to cut them out.

Doesn’t this look lovely?

I love the ease of use as well as how stylish it is.

Then I got inspired to hang some photos over the little girl’s bed.

The plaque looked a little lonely. Now it’s more of a focal point.

By this point I was all like, “Hey! There’s another bit of empty wall space! LET’S STICKR IT!” So I added another photo and the cute little puppy silhouettes that came in the pack.

Vinyl frames from Butch and Harold to display photos and artwork.



Then I looked at my “leftovers” and I realized something- this product would be great on my fridge! We have a stainless steel refrigerator so magnets are out. And no magnets mean no kid’s artwork! Or message boards. You get the idea.

So I used a Pocket, Corners, Frame, and the “Notes” and “Messages” inserts to hook up my fridge.

Now my fridge is message central and it looks SO nice!

The labels can be used with a dry-erase pen, so you can wipe them clean and reuse them.

I did remove one of the art pieces just to see if it would come off cleanly (which it did) and then go up in another spot. It went back up just fine.

It should be pretty clear that I really enjoyed using the Stickr products- I would absolutely buy a pack for every parent, grandparent, dorm/apartment dweller and crafter! I’ve got a few left and I’m going to put up some pics of my besties and I at CHA in my studio. It’ll perk me up to see their smiling faces. And when I need to switch them out, I can just pull the vinyl off of the wall and reuse them.

Disclosure: Sample provided for review.

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  1. Rebecca Bodine says

    These look really neat and very versitile. I make cards, collages and art journal. These might be too big for cards, but they be perfect for collage and journals. Thanks

  2. says

    Rebecca- they might be a big too big for most cards and journals, too. They really are sized to hold 5X7 photo and up.

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