Recycled Wallpaper Ornament- Recycling My Memories!


This is an article I published at my Craft Therapy blog…but since I cover re-using stripped wallpaper, I felt it was good enough to share here. {I’m also going to shut down that blog at the end of the year, and don’t want to lose this content!} Anyway, enjoy the story, steal the idea, make cool stuff out of trash!

Butt-Ugly Wallpaper, Super Cute Ornament

Butt-Ugly Wallpaper, Super Cute Ornament

So here’s the story: Once upon a time, when I was a young girl, I lived in a house. And in that house, on the second floor, there was a bathroom. It was an OOOOOOLD bathroom, with clawfoot tub, and some very old, funky wallpaper. When we first moved into that house, it was ugly, funky wallpaper. Four years later, when I left for college, it was ugly, funky wallpaper. Eight years after that, when I got married, it was ugly, funky wallpaper. When the first grandchild came to visit the house, and take a bath in the claw foot tub, it was STILL ugly, funky wallpaper. Then, lo-and-behold, my parents finally decided to re-do the bathroom– after 23 years of UGLY, FUNKY WALLPAPER! And do you know what?? My parents thought it would be funny to give me a piece of that ugly funky wallpaper… and dared me to do something with it. So, a few pieces of glass, some foil tape, and a sterling silver bathtub charm later…. it became to funky, GORGEOUS ornament! And the young girl, who was now a grown up lady, loves it. And she lived happily ever-after! (Oh, and so did her mom and sister, who also received similar ornaments for Christmas.) THE END. (Of the wallpaper! or is it???!!!???)

Post Script- I bought the star glass shapes at a local craft store at the end of the season, and got them for about 24 cents each. Feel free to use any image/photo that’s meaningful to you or your family to create your own heirloom keepsakes!

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  1. Maggie Krafts says

    How clever! It reminds me of the Roses and Teacups ornaments ((on another site.)) They use broken teacups to make ornaments.

    Jenny’s Note: I’m approving the comment, but I eliminated the URL…the one who posted it was from that site, and it looked like a shill for free advertising. AND there wasn’t even a pic of this teacup ornament, anyway.

  2. Maggie Krafts says

    Jenny, the Roses and Teacups ornaments that I mentioned are made by a company that donates their profits for this product to women’s shelters. Let me know if you want the url.

  3. says

    Well Maggie– -why didn’t you SAY SO!!! Sure! Post that URL….! Sorry to be a booger, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what are REAL comments, and what ones are just advertisers trying to slip something in. Thanks for clarifying….Jenny

  4. says

    Oh! too cute and what a lovely memory! I would give anything for the chance to do the same with two horrendous wallpapers from my childhood home, which was built in the 1890’s, and even has some “bouquet of daisies” wallpaper in the bathroom and upstairs hallway that was hung, accidentally, UPSIDE DOWN. We lived there a full year before we realized it, though. The kitchen wallpaper was VERY vintage as well. Your ornament wallpaper is much prettier, believe me…. I wish I had it in my house, I LOVe that kind of vintage :-)

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