Recycled Can Brooches on CraftsUnleashed!


When it comes to recycled crafts, I really kinda can’t help myself. I’ve got a bit of the magpie in me- I’m attracted to shiny things and I’m always trying to figure out how to use the little bits and bobs that attract me and reuse them into something fabulous.

So now I’m using my Cuttlebug like a crazy person. (Watch out- if you’re in my house, the minute you are done with your soda I will snatch it from your lips and make a pin out of it!!!)

I put up the step-by-step directions on CraftsUnleashed today, but here are a few more pics and a slightly different version. (They only sell the scalloped circles Nestabilities dies, but I personally have the 4-pack of Flowers– and I LOVE them…but more on those later…)

As you can see from this last photo, I couldn’t resist making earrings to match. I simply embossed the aluminum, cut out the 2 different sizes, and inked them up with alcohol inks.

Using my 1/8 inch hole punch (yup, the one for paper!) I pierced holes near the top of the shapes. I used a large jump ring and a little wire-wrapped green glass bead to complete the dangle. Easy-peasy!

Please let me know if you make one of these…I’d love to hear from you!

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