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If you’ve been to CraftTestDummies even a handful of times, you know that I love to craft with found/recycled objects. (Or make “outsider art”- we don’t get hung up on semantics here.) I was invited to participate in a challenge for the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo– a “Runway Re-View”! Here were the challenge guidelines:

  • Dress form was provided.
  • 80% of the materials must be recycled.
  • No more than $20 could be spent on the “new” materials.

….and really, that was about it!  I dug through my materials and decided to spend ZERO dollars on my piece- in other words, just to use those items that were already in my stash. Here are the items I used:

  • Old men’s neckties
  • Recycled denim jeans
  • Discarded Doily
  • Old sewing patterns
  • Vintage Rick-Rack
  • Rhinestone brooch- bought at a yard sale 4 years ago
  • Gesso, spray mists, and sewing machine/thread

Now for the photos!

Layer 1- gesso & spray mists, then pattern paper decoupage.

I cut the doily in half and decoupaged it onto the form as a bodice.

I cut off the skinny ends of the neckties and stitched them to the exposed seam from the jeans.

I added some rick-rack and “pennants” cut from the denim to make a skirt.

I used a bit of paint to highlight the lace in the doily, and added a denim “collar” with more denim and rick rack.

I pulled this brooch out of my junk jewelry drawer. Lovely, right?

Back. detail. The skirt has a snap and is detachable.

The title is “tongue tied”- taken from the name on one of the neckties.

So there it is! I hope if you go to the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo you’ll check it out. Click the link for locations and dates!



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