Recycle Craft: Suitcase Shrines


This is the most amazing idea ever, and I can say that because it isn’t MINE.  Let this sink in a minute: Decoupaged Suitcase Shrines.


My friend E is a Roller Derby gal and is also the league historian- and she chose to commemorate the 5th anniversary by making a traveling exhibit out of discarded suitcases.What makes the idea brilliant is that she can set up the suitcases  and literally pack the shirts, skates,and other 3-D memorabilia in them- then set up the exhibit with the decoupaged cases as a background.

To make them, E removed most of the lining from cool, old suitcases she’s collected from friends, thrift stores, and tree lawns. (Keep it real, trash-pickers!)

Removing the lining gives a more stable surface for decoupaging.

Then she took her collection of memorabilia and started Mod Podging photos of the players, tickets stubs, posters, and newspaper clippings into the shells.


Here, she added a base coat of red paint to accent the team's color scheme.

Then she filled in the empty spaces with more glitter, paper, and even beads.

The last step will be to apply a coat of resin so that all of the memorabilia is permanently sealed and preserved….and so rock-solid that she can actually use them as suitcases to schelp the rest of the exhibits in!

They even look cool lined up to take home:

I loved this idea so much, I had to share it with you- with E’s permission, of course. (Plus, she doesn’t have a blog! So I win! Ha! ….Just kidding.)

Anyhoo, I’ve got a small train case that I’m planning to turn into my travelogue of London- and I’ll store my scrapbook inside. I can’t wait to get started!

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    Whoo-hoo! Thanks for letting us know, E! And thank you again for letting me take pics & share your awesomeness…. ; )


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