Random Acts of Kindness, Continued….


Chinese Charm RAKsSo I’ve mentally committed to doing RAKs…Random Acts of Kindness for my CPS Yahoo group sisters. So far I’ve made bookmarks, altered bobbins, felt needle cases, and now I’m on to charm-y thingies. I just mailed out my April goodies, which consist of a hand-made paper bead w/ Chinese characters on them, Chinese coins, and red beads for good luck. I’m not sure what the recipients might do with them, but I figure they would be fun on an art quilt, shrine or assemblage. I was in my paper-bead making frenzy, and I thought they would be fun.

I’ve also started my May ones, and now I’m on to bottle caps! (Of course, I’m testing some ideas out for a new class, and I needed to play a little.) Here’s what I got so far, but I intend to poke some holes and hang some danglies. Ohhh, they are so fun!

Bottle Cap RAKsI’m really loving these, and for this batch I just used Paper Glaze…. but I’m beta-testing liquid polymer clay for a jewelry application.

But back to the RAKs…. maybe I should mount these onto tags, or 3X3’s, or maybe make them into little dolly people. Anyone have an idea? I’m up for comments!

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