Polymer Clay Video Review: Cindy Lietz


Cindy Lietz

Cindy Lietz is a polymer clay artist and Craftista who has put together a series of polymer clay tutorials available by subscription. Since the PC world is smallish and fairly interconnected, she offered me the chance to view her tutorials (for free, for full disclosure) and write a review of what I saw.

If you sign up for her newsletter, she’ll send you some freebie videos and you can get a taste of her style. I viewed a number of videos, and can share a few opinions.

First of all, Cindy does good demos. The videos are shot with a one-camera set-up, giving you a bird’s eye view over her shoulder. The plus on this is that you can really see what her hands are doing! Also, lighting is good and sound is excellent. (You won’t get it this good on YouTube for free!) My only wish is that she’d do little intro shots so we can see her- connect with Cindy the person- more fully. And considering her easy, laid-back style, you get the feeling you’d like to be her friend and have her over for coffee.

Secondly, she is prolific! She has dozens of 2 to 4 minute tutes on everything from color-mixing, comparing leafs and foils, rolling beads, adding inclusions, etc. Since I’m an experienced clayer, most of what she had to offer was not new for me- but geez, I wish they’d been available when I was just starting out. There really is a wealth of handy tidbits to be had in the videos, and it would take you some serious time to find the equivalent info on the internet. Also, the video demonstrations are fairly short, bite-sized pieces… good for ingesting a bit at a time. I think it’s far better to see a bunch of short takes on your own schedule, rather than having to pause a longer video or program in the middle because you don’t have a half an hour to sit through it.

On the whole, Cindy’s video series is excellent for the new clayer, and is a life-line for clayers who don’t have access to classes or guilds- she provides simple, clear instructions in an accessible, concise format.

To check out her free video preview, click this link. You’ll get a brief video intro, and some great tips. And if you subscribe, tell Cindy “hi” for me!

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  1. says

    Wow Jenny… I just got back from camping and I saw this great review! Thanks a Million! I’m very pleased you like the format and laid-back style of the videos.

    When I was first learning I wished I had a friend that was a polymer clay expert that would show me tips and tricks over a cup of coffee. I want to be that helpful friend for other beginners that I didn’t have.

    I also felt the information available out there was more geared to intermediates and skipped over important details. I was determined to figure it out, but I’m sure lots of newbies quit out of frustration.

    As far as the face to face… I probably could do a bit more of that… though that would mean I’d have to do my hair and makeup more often!

  2. Cindy Erickson says

    Hi Jenny.

    I totally agree with you. Cindy’s videos are so easy to learn from. I have seen several of them so far and have learned so much from her already. Cindy articulates so well, and the videos are clear and concise. I am so glad that I found her website! I just hope she knows how much she is appreciated, and that she continues teaching us for a long time!

    Cindy Erickson

  3. says

    Good Morning,

    I joined Cindy’s site back in 09 and I have to say that her way of teaching is awesome. What I like most is that her video’s are they very affordable, very clear, she explains every step while showing you the technique. You can also pause while you work along with her, if you like. Not only that, Her Blog is very informative and friendly, If you have a question someone is always ready to jump in and help. I will be sticking around for awhile :)

    Brenda M

  4. Gianna S. says

    Cool site, Jenny! I agree with your original review…Cindy’s videos are very clear and easy to follow. A lot has changed in the past couple years…Cindy has added more intermediate techniques to her video library. The great thing is she breaks them down & explains them so well, they can still be tackled by a beginner. The Polymer Clay Tutor also does some wire/metal videos, also done in her unique teaching style. Membership is still super-low, too…less than $10 for 3 months (12 videos & 36 color recipes from Cindy’s custom palettes!) Such a fantastic deal…I’m thrilled with my membership!

  5. pattw says

    Cindy is just great! I have clayed for about 5 yrs -and never had such easy, clear, fun instructions from anyone! I have learned and improved so much. Now I tackle anything -Cindy builds such confidence, the skill that it comes from that is beyond comprehension. I would encourage anyone, beginner or advanced, to join her site: Polymer Clay Tutor. You will enjoy her style of teaching and best of all, jump-starting your creative juices.

  6. Illaya says


    Thanks for posting this review of Cindy’s site. She has been a Godsend to so many inspiring clay artists. I enjoyed looking thru your site also, lots of good information and life living reminders.

    Entahs, Illaya

  7. says

    Wow have things changed in the last two years. You wrote a great article on Cindy Lietz’s videos but her tutorials have really gown since then. They sure are not just for beginners. Even very experienced clayers find nuggets of knowledge in Cindy’s videos. And her price ($9.99 for 3 months of weekly tutorials) can’t be beat. Her style is still very precise and we see each move she makes which is what videos should be. I get a thrill each week when I hear the lead in music and then she says, ‘Hi, Guys, This is Cindy Lietz, your polymer clay tutor and today …’ It is as if she has stepped into my own craft room and is going to show me how to do that day’s lesson. Wow, it is great! You really should check her out now that two years have passed. Maybe you might even want to update on her … she just did an article on your site or I never would have found you. This is also a great site and one I have now bookmarked. Thanks so much!

  8. says

    As you mentioned, I feel like I’m sitting down having coffee with Cindy while she is showing me how to make a particular project. As an intermediate clayer I am still learning, and Cindy makes it so easy and affordable. And thanks to Doug for his great camera work.


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