Polymer Clay + Bottle Caps = Cool!


Crafty Goats NotesI was making my blog rounds this morning, and ran across this idea from Crafty Goat. And since I love polymer clay AND bottle cap art, this worked for me! (Alternatively, I could use my polyclay and then have a brew. That also works for me!)

Anyhoo, she suggests making your own molds from cool buttons with Amazing Molding Putty. All well and good, but I often just use scrap clay for making molds. (Just be double-sure to use a release in the baked mold, such as a spritz of water, a dusting of corn starch, or even a quick spray of wrinkle-releaser!)

The result is this fun card/button combo, just right for a little birthday giftie or Mother’s Day! Thanks, Angela, for getting my creative juices flowing!

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    You’re very welcome, Jenny. If you don’t have Amazing Mold Putty (or prefer not to use it), scrap clay works wonderfully. And if you don’t have a bottlecap… well, it sounds like you’ve got that one figured out too! :-)

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