Polymer Clay 101


Last Saturday we had a GREAT Polymer Clay 101 class at Grand River Beads (check out their website for their calendar.) We had 6 enthusiastic participants, and we covered the following:

  • brands of clays and their properties
  • prepping clay
  • texturizing
  • release agents
  • application of pigments
  • tools
  • curing
  • ….and some of my own little tips!

We jammed a lot into the 3 hours, and I wanted to share what I made as samples…

I made the hearts to demonstrate texturizing clay…. and think they’re pretty cute.

When I got home I decided to “punk” it– or Steampunk it, as it were, by adding some watchparts. I used Lisa Pavelka’s Magic Glos UV curing resin to encapsulate the metal bits. (Read my review of that product here.)

Then I had THIS:

I think it’s wicked cool. Gonna add an extra backing and a bale, and wear this bad boy!

((NOTE: I saw something similar over at Eugenia’s Creations, and bought the tutorial. My printer is down, so I haven’t read the instructions YET, but this is what I came up with using her original design. Go check out her blog, and you’ll find links to her Esty Shop. Great stuff!)))

Anyway, just wanted to remind ya’ll of my previous post of great resources for polymer clay basics…. check them out and get claying!

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  1. says

    Jenny, these are amazingly lovely. Why don’t you put the pic in artfest, it might encourage someone to have a go. They certainly made me want to reach for the pasta machine :) Wendy

  2. says

    Hi Jenny, sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve commented here. Been crazy busy!

    Love the Steampunk pin! Wicked cool is right! Really like the dimension the Magic Glos gave your piece. Also a great way to protect and seal in those clock parts!

  3. Ruth says

    Jenny – I was thrilled to find Grand River Beads through finding you, but I found you by searching for beginning polymer clay classes in Cleveland, and wow – I lucked out! I’m desperate to know if the Jan. 17 class is still on at GRB – I don’t see it on their calendar.

  4. says

    Ruth- I’m not sure when Eva is scheduling these things, but give them a call and/or check the website often! I’m also available to teach private classes in my home (also on the West Side) and maybe that would be a better option! Thanks for your comment, Jenny

  5. says

    I adore the one on the left up there. Such a wonderful example of texture. The one thing that I would love to know is how you applied the magic gloss to get that effect. I usually fill up a bezel I’ve made out of clay, but yours looks like the magic gloss is sitting on top. Almost like you popped it right out of a face down mold.

    Do tell 😉

  6. says

    Sarah- I just carefully applied the Magic Glos on top. It’s self-doming, so there’s no need for a bezel! Easy-peasy!

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