Pink Ribbon Quilting for Breast Cancer Awarenss


So I’m on a kick here- I thought I’d share a link for a quilt block that features the “Pink Ribbon” which symbolizes breast cancer awareness. (Although you could substitute any color for pink that supports the cause of your choice.)

Our friends over at Quilters’ Cache have provided a FREE quilt block pattern that includes- hallelujah- rotary cutting instructions. It looks like a complex block, but most of the pieces are pretty easy- just rectangles, squares, and a few half-square tringles. The finished block is 12″, so it would be great as a small wall-hanging or the center square of a border-style quilt. If you wanted to make a full or queen size quilt, it wouldn’t take many of these to get you there!

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    Thanks so much for doing your part to help increase awareness of this tragic disease. Even simply sharing the project over at Quilter’s Cache brings us closer to stamping out breast cancer. I recently got diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. I hope and pray every day that more people do their part to help make a world for our daughters to live free of this disease. Thanks again for helping make that dream more of a reality.


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