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I love paper crafting.  That should not be a secret around here by now.  I was thrilled to be sent the Perfect Pearls Mists by Ranger to test drive.  ranger perfect pearls mistsLets start with what the website has to say about this product:

The palette of Perfect Pearls Powders is now available in a fine mist spray! Perfect Pearls Mists expand your paper crafting possibilities—spray a little for a subtle look or a lot for more intense shimmer. Developed with a built-in binder in a clear water-based formula, Perfect Pearls Mists adhere to paper, wood, fabric, and more. Use for background papers, with stamps, stencils, masks or as a finishing touch on a handmade card or scrapbook layout.

I started with a collection of paper swatches.  I kept one plain, sprayed one with the mist in turquoise and another with the mist in interference red.  Before spraying the product does require a lot of shaking.  The bottle states to shake until mixing ball rattles and pigment is suspended in liquid.  Once shaken, you must prime the spray pump using a scrap piece of paper.  The mist is like water even when shaken well.

The smell of the mists is actually very pleasant.  I love a product that does not give me a headache while crafting.

The picture below if after all swatches were sprayed.  You can see some of the paper starting to curl up.  The only one that did not uncurl once dry was the sheet music.  So if you are working with thin paper be wary of curling.

ranger perfect pearls mists-001

I also made some stencils and masks to try out with the mists as the website suggests.  I punched some hearts from paper.

ranger perfect pearls mists-002

I laid some of the punched shapes on a white paper bag for my “mask” trial.  This masks off the heart shaped areas.

ranger perfect pearls mists-003

I took a pink piece of paper and punched more hearts.  That paper then was laid as a stencil over another white paper bag.

ranger perfect pearls mists-004

Lets get to the afters!  These are my swatches after they had been allowed to air dry over night.  Please note that although the mist was dry you would still get shimmer on your fingers if you rubbed against the paper.  I tried rubbing again after 48 hours air dry time and had the same result.  Please consider this when choosing projects for the Perfect Pearls Mists.   Along with my paper swatches are some chipboard numbers and some canvas fabric.

ranger perfect pearls mists-005

I also sprayed some wood flower hang tags to get a feel for how the mist reacted with wood.  Application to wood is actually my favorite for this type of product.   The shimmer was excellent on the wood and I loved the results.

ranger perfect pearls mists-006

The mist looked amazing on all of the paper swatches.  I love the shimmer and it really showed up no matter what color the paper.  The fabric swatch however left a lot to be desired.  I really didn’t get any “shimmer” just some color change.

ranger perfect pearls mists-007

The chipboard numbers also worked really well.  Again the thinner the paper the more curling I had when the product was dry.  I think these could easily be flattened back out again for a project.

ranger perfect pearls mists-008

The mask and stencil application both came out poorly.  The mask was really a failure in my mind.  The stencil was better but there was some running under the stencil.  I personally feel this product is too thin for this type of application.  If you do try with masks or stencils, use only a small amount of product, allow to dry, and repeat until you get your desired shimmer.  I think you will get less running with an extremely light application method.

ranger perfect pearls mists-009

I also could just not resist adding some manila tags to my comparison.  Again the shimmer was amazing.  I think you are safe on any paper or wood application with this product.

ranger perfect pearls mists-012

I took a scrap piece of paper after the mist had dried and ran it under water along that bottom edge.  Really the mist did not change appearance at all which I thought was amazing.  However, when rubbed in the wet areas the shimmer would REALLY come off on your fingers.  When dry it comes off just slightly but if your project ever gets wet it will make whoever touches it extra shiny.  This was extremely hard to photograph so you might just have to trust me on this observation.

ranger perfect pearls mists-013

Now for a few projects I created using the Perfect Pearls Mists from Ranger.  I used the turquoise mist to add some extra shimmer to this card.  It really made the card pop.

ranger perfect pearls mists-010

I then realized that the turquoise mist sprayed on white paper would look amazingly similar to the color of a vintage blue Ball jar.  I had to experiment with that!  This is white card stock cut into a jar shape then sprayed with the mist.  Since I love jars I added a heart when dry.  I am in love with the way this little tag turned out.  Just look at it shine almost like it was glass.



As I said, I love using this type of project on wood.  So I made some shimmer clothes pins.  So super simple to add shimmer to clothes pins with a mist product.  Plus they look great when you are done!  I am going to have some additional designs for these shimmery clothes pins up on The Country Chic Cottage today.  Y’all come over and see what else I can do with shimmer mist and clothes pins.



ranger perfect pearls mists-011

All in all I am in love with the Perfect Pearl Mists from Ranger.  Before working with the product be sure to follow all package instructions including shaking really well before beginning.  If you are working with thin paper, note that you might have to flatten your paper back out after the mist dries.  Also, using the mists on fabric does not really produce much of a “shimmer” effect.  Masking or stenciling with these mists will require multiple coats of an extremely light spray in order to prevent running under the mask or stencil.   Be wary when choosing projects that the shimmer will come off a little on your skin with handling.  Also if your project ever gets wet, the shimmer of the mist will begin to really come off on anything it comes into contact with.  Overall this is a wonderful product and if you will just remember these few tips your projects should come out wonderfully!

{{Editor’s note: for more information about shimmery sprays and spray inks, you might want to read our Comparison of Spray Inks posts.}}

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  1. says

    I have never heard of this product before, but I love the shimmer that it gives to your paper craft projects. There could be so many different projects that my family and I could come up with this stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  2. calamityjane says

    I love Perfect Pearls and use the powder a lot. I’ve just mixed it up myself into a mist. I love the look of the shimmer and will have to try these now! Thanks for the show & tell!

  3. Rebecca Bodine says

    I love the shimmer look, but only for accents. It’s like it’s too much for a large area. I like the subtlety of the shimmers.

  4. says

    Thanks so much for demonstrating how these mists look on so many different mediums – very helpful! I loved seeing how the shimmers look on wood, which I haven’t tried yet. I’ve had the same problem of the mists rubbing off on my fingers (even after the mists have dried on cardstock) and wondered if anyone has a suggestion on how to prevent it from happening?


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