New Years and Good Byes


Happy New Year! I have been AWOL from my blog for a while- I’ve been cleaning up and packing up my studio. The good news is that in 3 months or so, I’ll be in a new, improved studio space. The bad news is that a lot of my supplies are going into storage until then.

It’s been a painful experience- literally- packing up my goodies. I had to put my hands on every piece of scrapbook paper to pack it away; I’d  forgotten how lovely some of my papers are! Then the inks, pastels, chalks, oils, and acrylics had to go in a box. (Gasp!) My soldering kit got taped up and packed away. (Sigh!) Patterns,  fabrics, scrapbook projects, UFO’s…. all packed away. (Sniff!)

In order to put alway so much, I’ve had to really THINK about what I’m planning to do in the next three months. So much of what I want to do is spontaneous- I just pull stuff out and start to play, and then see where it takes me. I never know if I’m going to be making fabric postcards or beaded cuff bracelets or altered books. This process has made me really prioritize and make decisions. “Yes!”  to Valentines’ Day cards, “no” to scrapbooking that Mexico vacation. “Yes!” to making that lap quilt, “no” to soldered art. “Yes!” to the bead box, polymer clay kit, and collage box. “No” to assemblage work, fabric dyeing, and sewing clothes. Whew!

So that brings me to the whole “New Years” portion of my post. I’m not really a fan of resolutions- the flip of a calendar page doesn’t determine when our hearts and minds are ready for changes- I AM a fan of taking regular inventories. If you had to look critically at your studio, your crafts, your stash, what could you say YOU wouldn’t be using for the next 3-6 months? A year? Ever??  Maybe it’s time to thin a few things out, pass a few things on, make room for new products, ideas, and techniques.  I’m donating some of my “de-stashed” items, as it makes it easier to part with them. A local daycare is getting stickers and paper, and an activities director is getting various crafty goodies…. and a few books and kits are going to end up here as blog give-aways.

I’m inviting you to leave a comment, letting me  know what craft or items you can “let go of” in the new year, and what item you couldn’t live without for the next three months. I’ll pick a person at random & gift them with a surprise from my studio…. since I’m cleaning out, there will be a few things to choose from!

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  1. says

    I don’t need the vast amounts of embroidery thread I somehow have accumulated. That’s going to be “donated” to my cousin who recently learned how to embroider.

    I don’t need all these ridiculous polyester fabrics. For some reason, when I saw the crazy patterns at thrift stores, I thought I had to rescue them. Those are probably going to go back to the thrift store.

    I can’t live without cotton yarn because I signed up for a dishcloth/washcloth swap on craftster. The other stuff I’ve persuaded myself to keep at least portions of, but I could definitely live without them.

  2. says

    Hi Jenny. I don’t envy the formidable task you’re accomplishing, but sure do admire you. It’s sad and hard to do what you’re doing, and yes, even painful. But on the bright side, you’ll be so happy with your new and improved studio.

    As for me, yes, yes, yes….there are lots of things I won’t use in the next three months, or the next year, or maybe even never. But the thought of going through everything is so daunting and overwhelming to me, I haven’t been able to muster up the motivation or desire, not to mention time, it would take to accomplish such a feat. Maybe someday, but not now. I don’t know maybe I’m a hopeless packrat, which I’m not proud of. I have so much trouble deciding what to keep, or what to give or throw away. I just kinda freeze up in total indecision.

    Rarely, but occasionally, I just get so frustrated with clutter, I grab up stuff (mostly non-art stuff) that I haven’t used in forever or don’t need or want and throw it in the trash outside. I feel bad about trashing it, rather than giving it away to someone or to a thrift store, but when I’m in that kind of mood I just need to get rid of it while I can, before I change my mind. Right or wrong, that’s what I do sometimes, and I always feel better after it’s gone.

    So anyway, good luck to you on this task, and congrats on you future new studio.

    Val Foster

  3. Molly P-H says

    Im cleaning out and reorganiaing my space this year too! tho staying in same space. I’ve got lots of duplicate punches that I’ll either donate or put on eBay. Even though I’m mostly a paper crafter, I’ll be letting go of lots of scrapbook (12×12) papers that aren’t patterns or colors that I would ever work with. And a fair amount of fun little notions that people who do scrap booking might enjoy (little lengths of tinsel, brads, etc). And probably rubber stamps that i havent used much over the years. Turned out I’m not as much of a scrapbooker as a card and journal maker :). Part of my cleaning out is to focus on the crafts that i really love and do often and let others enjoy the things that im not using :). Best of luck with your move!!! Molly P-H in FL

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