My First Time and the Week In Review


Well, my friends- there is a first time for everything, and this week was the first time…. my site was hacked! It was a very stressful 36 hours, but thanks to an amazing friend and technical guru, CTD was hacked, secured, blacklisted by Google and cleared all within 48 hours. I’m happy to report that there was no damage to anything except my state of mind, and for the most part the week went fairly normally.

So now lets get to the WEEK IN REVIEW, shall we?

First, let’s announce the winner for the  Pinata Inks Giveaway, sponsored by Jacquard! We had over 100 entries, and my blog template chose the winner at random this AM. Congrats to:

Author: Krisa Comment: permalinkFavorite technique is the fragment coloring- I never thought about using a Baggie to do small parts and that just brilliant!

Well, Krisa, thank you!  I hope you’ll have lots of fun playing with these amazing inks. I really love them, and I think you will, too! (And if you missed the Pinata Inks review, you might want to check it out.)

There were some cool posts this week on CTD, including:


So, one last thing to share before I wrap up the week. If you like recycling crafts or polymer clay, you really should click over to Lisa Pavelka’s new site, 365 Days of Lip Service. Every day (yes, EVERY DAY) she is creating, photographing, and writing her story about making  polymer clay art on the top of a Carmex Lip Balm container. I love how she is being creative on such a small surface- and so far she is only 2 months into the project. I can’t wait to see how her work evolves over the whole year! And if the article on the Perils of Pinterest hasn’t turned you off on the service, you can follow her project on her 365 Days of Lip Service Board.

And you can follow MY Pinterest Boards, too, if you like. I’m also on Twitter and YouTube, and would love to have you join me!

Now…back to some Lorax crafting….. : )


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