My First Appearance on HSN!


Hello, folks! This post is a bit late in coming, but I have to tell you I was just plumb tuckered out as the old folks say. I have sufficiently recovered from my whirlwind trip to HSN for my first stint as the on-air spokesperson for Estate Collection/ 3 Birds.

I was scheduled to present four products:

I packed by bags and samples and headed town to Florida where the HSN studios are located. Since my first airing was in the 8 AM hour, they needed me to be there at 5 AM to meet with the host of the hour. That meant I had to be up and dressed at 4 AM. OUCH!


Up and ready with a fresh face and dry hair. HSN has a salon that does your makeup and styles your hair.


Jenny Barnett Rohrs-at the HSN Salon


In the chair at 6 AM. Obviously the stylist that took this photo was a little sleepy, too- hence the blurriness! They did a pretty good job of hiding those bags under my eyes!

Jenny Barnett Rohrs on HSN

Crafty Charile’s Angel


Afterwards, I felt like a crafty Charlie’s Angel with that flip!

So then it was all about making sure the tables were set up. I had an amazing assistant for my first time down there to show me the ropes (thank you, Chasity!)


Claudine Hellmuth setting up her table.


Here’s Claudine Hellmuth getting her table ready back stage. They line these tables up in the hallway before wheeling them onto the set. Her segment was right after mine- and her line is super-adorable…much like Claudine herself! You can see her products on HSN here.

Jenny Barnett Rohrs and Claudine Hellmuth

Me and Claudine Hellmuth. Her products are as adorable as she is!

Fifteen minutes before I was due to go on, I got wired for my mic pack and headed onto the set. You can sit in one section of the set and watch the action in another. Here’s a pic of me watching and waiting. Do you think I look nervous?


Waiting on set at HSN.

And then…it was “Go-Time!” I really only felt a flutter of excitement…not full on nerves. I feel very comfortable in front of people and cameras (years of singing, presenting, and teaching) but I was just hoping that I didn’t forget to mention any of my “talking points.”



In the photo above, you can see the lights and monitors. That’s me with hostess Helen Kearny. She was very nice and helpful.


Jenny and Helen Kearny. Photo courtesy of Jeff Rohrs!


My Hubby snapped this shot of the screen. He was at a sports bar in Indianapolis and asked the barkeep to turn the channel to HSN so he could watch me during breakfast. HSN’s male audience just tripled, I bet!

So then it was over. Since my next airing was at 7 PM, I had a nice long time to eat breakfast, take a nap, do some shopping, take another nap, and head back to the studio.

At that point the “Today’s Special Value”- the Anna Griffin Cuttlebug and embossing folder set- had sold out! Great right? Well, that meant that all of the remaining time slots for that product needed to be filled with something else and reorganized! As a result, on of my products for the 7PM hour was dropped and 11PM product dropped as well. Ah, such is live TV. You can never be sure exactly what is going to happen!

I went on at the top of the 7PM hour with Bill Green, and he was so much fun to work with. He also knew it was my first day, so he went out of his way to make me feel comfortable.

Photo courtesy of Tanner Bell. Thank you, Tanner!

A Photo courtesy of Tanner Bell. Thank you, Tanner!


And then….it was done. I have to tell you, it’s fun to do. You all know how much I like to craft and TALK about crafting, so I fell like I could go on all day!

I’m already looking forward to my next show with THREE new products from the Estate Collection by 3 Birds Studios on February 12, 2013. I’ll share more information once I get it.

In the meanwhile, if you’d like to see the segments, click the links below. The video presentations are embedded right next to the product photos. I’d love any feedback about how I did either here or on

OH…and 3 Birds Designs has a Facebook Page and a Blog…you should head over and say howdy! : )

Last thing…. I am SUPER impressed with how things are run behind the scenes at HSN. Everyone was so professional and friendly…and even with the schedule changes, everything went very smoothly. It’s a first-class operation. I am SO looking forward to my presentations next month!



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  1. says

    Yay! I’m glad it was a positive experience for you. I thought you did a fabulous job on camera. I’ve never watched HSN before in my life but I watched online to see YOU! 😉

  2. Susan B says

    I thought you were fantastic! I saw the 7pm with the gentlemen (can’t remember his name). You seemed very comfortable and not all nervous. I think this job was made for you (or you for it)!

  3. Karen R. from SC says

    I was so excited to watch you on HSN. I thought you did a fantastic job. Would have never guessed it was your first time! When I watched again at 7:00 PM the hubby was watching with me. He remarked how comfortable you seemed to be in front of the camera. We agreed you were meant to do this! Can’t wait to see you next month! Hopefully you’ll get to present all your scheduled products!!!!

  4. says

    Jenny, you did a GREAT job! And thanks for resonding to my earlier tweets & facebook messages. When I received the 3 Birds Straight from the Nest blogpost, I knew you immediately! I have watched your videos on youtube before…….thanks again for taking your precious time to chat with me! OH! Thanks for posting the February air date…I had responded to your earlier message, asking about the February & March dates…THANKS AGAIN!

  5. says

    Hi Jenny! So mad I didn’t get to see you. I bet you did awesome!! Congrats and sounds like you did a great job!! I’ll for sure watch the next one on Feb 12th? right?

  6. Joan Smith says

    You did a fantastic job you were made to do this I too would’ve never guessed it was your first time…..I think you’ve met your destiny and you know what you had a blast and it showed and could tell the Hosts and Hostesses enjoyed working w/U too ’cause you can always tell you made their job easier.

  7. Carmen Lucero says

    You are a natural Jenny!! So a few minutes and you don’t look a bit nervous – Glad you were chosen to do these segments and look forward to the next time you’re on – hopefully it’ll be something I can’t live without!

    Carmen L

  8. Laurie H. says

    Jenny, you did a great job! I can’t believe it was your first time. You looked great — especially loved your evening makeup, it looked slightly different than morning at least to me! Fabulous. It is clear why they picked you and they are lucky to have you. So I am wondering if you are interested in a full time gig like that? You could so do it — that is if the fam could move to Fla!
    I’m not jumping the gun or anything am I!

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