More Recycled Necktie Crafts – Necktie Daisies!


Necktie Daisy Craft Well, I sent off my Necktie Bags today to my CPS Group swap hostess today, and wouldn’t cha know, I ran across another necktie craft!! These are super cute, and kind of fall in with my yo-yo obsession, too.

The tutorial was found on Craftster, and the idea is simple: take the small points from the small end of the tie, snip ’em to about 2 inches, gather the cut ends together by stitching them by hand, and then making a fabric button to pull it together.

Geez! If I had found this sooner, all of my tie bags would have had cute little daisies on them! Well, at least now I know what to do with my tiebag leftovers…..

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